Unsolicited Suggestion to the Govt. of India

(This is one my old blog composed on 08/05/2016. I'm recycling it now)

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. I’m such a fool to give unsolicited suggestions to the current Indian Government.

My humble request: give a fair consideration before rejecting my suggestion. I don’t have any hidden agenda nor any inkling of getting any kickback from any quarter.Bluntly put my opinion as follows: I appreciate our P.M’s unscheduled visit to Nawaz Shariff on his way back from Afghanistan. It displayed a large-heartedness and sincere desire for goodwill between two neibhouring countries. Allowing the Pakistani team to inspect the Pathankot airbase was also a daring move. It’s sad the genuine gesture from our part was not reciprocated by the other side.

Now coming to the main point. It was wrong to cancel the Uighur activist's visa due to Chinese pressure. We don't have friendly relations with our prominent neighbours -- namely Pakistan and China. Pakistan is continuously meddling in the Kashmir affairs and responsible for the Mumbai massacre and recent Pathankot incident and so on. To hope Pakistan will mend its ways is to have a holiday in a fool’s paradise. Similarly, China never supports us in any international forums and plays a continuous irritant on our border exhuming rotten skeletons of fossilized history. A drastic shift in policy and strategy in connection with these two neighbours is an urgent necessity.

We should champion the cause of Baloch freedom fighters openly, actively, morally, and materially. We need to give full support to Taiwan as a separate nation. Tibetan cause beggars our absolute backing. Extend robust endorsement to the legitimate claims of Vietnam, the Philippine, and Japan in the South China Sea. Halt the China bully's undue expansionism.

If we are so timid due to unknown reasons, it’s time, just for the heck of it, to pretend to be tough and watch the fun. It’ll surely be a rewarding experience.

More By  :  Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

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