Garbad Lal - The Secret Agent

Mission 1- Rescue at Zoo

Mission 1- Rescue at Zoo

This is a story about Garbad Lal - The Secret Agent. He was our domestic helper. He helped Mom in the kitchen, and even played with me and our fluffy white puppy Bingo. From childhood, he wanted to be a detective. In school he thought he would solve every single problem but he wouldn't because he was very silly. But he would always save the day. We all joked and called him the secret agent.

One day, I couldn't find Bingo. So, I said to Dad, “Dad, I can't find Bingo!"

Dad said “Oh no! He must have run away! Let's go and look for him.”

We looked in the park, in the garden, under the park benches, the whole neighborhood but Bingo was nowhere to be found.

I was crying “Where is our sweet little puppy, Bingo?

Dad said “Do you have any idea?”

I said “Yes, let's call my friends!”

I called my friends Shanaya, Tananya, Aadya and Saanvi but nobody knew where it was.

Dad said “Let's call Garbad Lal to the rescue!”

Dad called him and told him the problem.

Garbad Lal said “Sure uncle! I’ll do it in a jiffy.”

Garbad Lal looked in the street, in the park, and asked the neighbours.

Then at home Saanvi called and said, "Hi Aanvi, I’m at the zoo. I just saw a white fluffy dog with a collar. On the collar it was written BINGO.”

After the information, dad called Garbad Lal and told him. He went to the zoo and saw Bingo in the lion’s cage. He opened the gate slowly to get Bingo. From the noise, the lion woke up. Everyone was scared and the zookeeper came running.

Bingo was so scared that it ran away close by to the alligator’s pond. There Garbad Lal slipped and got wet! He saw Bingo running away in the elephant’s cage. Garbad ran there quickly to catch it but he fell down and was covered with elephant poo.

He still got up and tried to take it. Then Bingo went into the bird’s pen and Garbad went after it. All the bird feathers got stuck, he looked just like a red Indian. Finally, he caught Bingo.

Phew, finally Garbad Lal got Bingo back home. I hugged it and said “my sweet little puppy Bingo. I missed you very much. Thanks, Garbad Lal”

Garbad always does something silly but he saves the day.

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