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My Life during These Days of Covid-19
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I think that you my readers might be curious how I am coping with the lock downs face masks and social distancing regime forced upon me by my government. You can assess my feelings from the opening line.

But although I know I am a whole lot more concerned about my own health, the government is forcing me to be locked down, telling me that they are concerned about others. What about me my life my happiness my joy, they give two hoots. Mostly these government guys are interested in their propaganda scaring everyone to comply and then suddenly one day declare that of all is fine now. That is how I feel.

I am concerned about me, my family, my neighbors, my community and country and the World, their health and happiness, and that is why I am writing this piece.

At the outset I must inform you that I, you and every one of the seven Billion of us will die, and no government can do diddly do about it. We started to die as soon as we came out crying in this world, perhaps that was the day we knew that we will die one day.

And if you believe in the statistics of your government here it is about 8,000,000, who have contacted this virus. And about 461,000 have died because of this, as they say, disease. So out of 7,000,000,000 about 8,000,000 contact this disease which is 0.5 out of 1000 people.   And compared to that every year millions die of heart attacks cancer tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, and many other health problems, as a matter of repetition all of us will die all 100 % one day.

Based on my this simple analysis, this scare of death due to this virus, I think has a sinister political motive, to damage the economy, lock down people, sell masks, phony vaccines ,  scare the people to dislodge the governments  by creating mass hysteria. And not only that most people who are dying are old with severe health conditions, and who knows what killed then, the virus or lung cancer or failed kidney. This skepticism on my part is genuine, no one knows what the truth is and so we have locked ourselves up in our homes, thinking by doing so we will never die. And in the last three months people are dying because they van not see their doctors and are scared to go to hospitals, who would go to a hospital with this much scare. Many of us are not every going out of our homes, to get sunlight.

And then there throngs of millions of people in America looting and burning the country totally unfazed by Corona Virus, we see all this on our TV every day, and I wonder what good my wearing the mask and locking my self in my room will do, except depriving me of chole bhature in my favorite Indian restaurant and coffee in star buck .all closed or burned down by moobs who care two hoots for me my country or Covid 19..

I thought you would like my observation. The truth has an ugly way of showing up. No; no one can avoid death no one never ever.

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