Satisfaction and Quarantine

I often wonder that the English dictionary has a word called 'satisfaction' but does the human dictionary has it?

We humans are never satisfied with what we have in hand but have the desire for more.

Time! I bet most of us say these words " 24 hours are so less." Whereas time is not less the time allocation is not proper. Now as it is lockdown and we are restricted to go out whereas we all want extraneous movement and want our busy, tiring, memorable, exciting days back. While on routine days we often complain that we want some free days where in we can take rest, do the things that we had dreamt of.

My friend always says, " I am tired of the boring exciting routine, I want some rest." Now she complains that she does not have time and wants the routine back. Whereas I think if she is happy and satisfied with what she has in hand, life will become more easy.

On the other hand some people think how to spend time, they are getting bored. This auspicious and valuable time can be used in so many ways. Try to do something new that you have not done yet like maybe writing a book, inventing something with the material available. Making the staircases to reach the door of success. Use this period wisely and be positive and satisfied with what you have.

" If you are positive you'll see opportunities instead of obstacles." Do ask yourself every week or month that what productive I have learned or done. Be positive, be satisfied and stay home, stay healthy and safe.

More By  :  Paridhi Arora

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