How to Minimise Child Abuse

(Warning! My mind is open to anything; there is no topic, under the sun, forbidden for me. As such I can discuss anything with ease, which may appear offensive to someone. So, I’ll request all such friends to use caution. Thanks)

I never opted for joining any social media. All has been done in compliance with somebody’s request. So, I joined ‘tagged.’ Of course, I used to get some good articles as an attachment there. Selectively I used to read some of them.  Later, ‘tagged’ was dismantled and my name was transferred to ‘hi5’without my consent. I had personal dislike for the site and I didn’t explore it much. But, I used to get messages sometimes from ‘hi5’. The next is as follows:

To my surprise of all surprises one day I received a message from one Tata,28, computer engineer, again from Kuala Lumpur (coincidence?). He wanted to suck my cock and in return I could fuck him.

Extreme curiosity forced me to ask how come he developed such a fetish   His plain answer was whenever he sees my photo, he remembers his grandfather. Now you guess he wants to relive the same experience of childhood even after attaining adulthood.

The predator is the most respected and beloved member of the family. I do not allude to any or all grandfathers are like that. But there could be exceptions as in the present case. Otherwise, also, it’s normally found the culprit is closely associated with the family as a relative or friend making it difficult to point the finger at. There are intruders also encountering the child by chance. They tempt the child by dangling a lollypop in front of them. Lured by the offer the child comes closer to the stranger, becomes friendly, and gets abused. This is the generalized pattern commonly found. There are stories of toddlers being raped by the father’s best friend. It is not confined to a particular area or country, or community it is a worldwide phenomenon.

In my view, total elimination will not be possible. Let’s be bold to swallow this dark reality. It can only be minimized to a certain extent. A few – though not exhaustive -- plausible suggestions are given below.

Occasionally discuss the topic openly among friends and relatives citing some stories of child abuse and condemn them severely. This may make such peoples be on guard. Of course, in the absence of children always.

Warn the children not to accept anything from a stranger or even not to come near strangers. As a reason, you can cite reports about the cases of abduction and ransom, etc.

This should be repeated by teachers in the classroom as well.

Instruct the children to inform the mother if any relative or friend fondles or touches the child in any inappropriate manner. What the mother considers abnormal should be explained properly to the child.

The administration should be prompt to take necessary action against the culprit.

Lastly, despite observing precaution if any traumatic experience like rape occurs don’t act hysterically about it. That may impact the child’s mind adversely making it unforgettable for the whole life. Treat the trauma like any other accident. That will relieve the victim from suffering the agony throughout life, bearing in the mind whatever happened cannot be undone. It’s always better to move on without carrying the mental scars of past suffering. Life is still there to enjoy happily.

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