A Healthy outlook towards a Healthy diet

In the present time of health consciousness where men like to be slimmer than girls and women likes to be tougher than boys the diet factor always have a special inclination in the heart of both sexes. The on going trends of our Hindi serials have made women and men more attractive towards their fitness. However, in the busy life style has raised the demand of more junk food market across the world.
Healthy and nutritious food is always in demand for maintaining a good health. Healthy food is said to be the intake of a, regular and timely food, like juices, snacks, nuts and a lot more. The importance of food is more when it is taken in an organized way and also by understanding the benefits of every bite we take.
In the standard course of life, we forget to take necessary nutrition that is required for our body and hence we tend to get into many life style diseases. So it becomes very essential for a person to know and understand the benefits of a healthy diet.
The fast food are those food which are ready to eat .The person don’t have to wait for it to prepare. Now a days the fast-food and junk-food diet have replaced the normal and the regular eating habit of each family. Some time they are so highly cooked that for number of days we have the remembrance that we have eaten something

Fast Food and Junk Food

The industry of fast food originated in the United States but afterward it becomes a global industry. As the size of the industry develops, it has improved the menu of a typical fast-food outlet, in a variety of items. Even so, junk foods are admired because of their simplicity to manufacture, consume and of course, their taste. People have their own concept about a certain food being listed as junk. However, chocolates, burgers, pizzas, potato wafers and fries will surely find their way into everyone's list. This trend has given a rise to produced number of fast food chain that concentrates on preparing a wide range and number items like pizza, Burger, and other fried items in a more presentable manner.

Competitive Analysis of the Industry:
The fast food business is  significant and fast growing section of the broader food-service industry, which can broadly be defined as long as ready-to-eat meals, as distinct from food items to be prepared at home, or snack foods requiring no preparation before eating.  Since the 1960s it has been dominated by countrywide and then a global chain, of restaurant like McDonald’s proves their dominance. The main benefit of large chains is branding. Branding however implies a reliability of experience. These stand-alone outlets know what their customers are expecting. 
Why Junk Food And Diet Is So Appealing?

The Time Factor:  Junk food dependence is so high because of its simplicity. They are easy to prepare and are very tasty. Junk foods such as potato wafers do not even require cooking or high temperature. You prefer to eat them when you watch TV. You save yourself a lot of get on your nerves and time when you are in a hurry eating pizzas and burgers as they are served at your door step hot and ready to eat.
A meat-and-potatoes and cornpone diet contains too much salt, which raises the blood pressure, and too much cholesterol and saturated fat, which increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. But even worse, the common American diet is low in many of the substances which lead to longer life and better health.

The Taste Factor: If time constraint is one reason that pushes you to eating junk food, great taste also, to an extent influences you to opt for junk food. But junk foods get their taste owing to lavish usage of oils, salts and/or sugar. Once you are caught in junk food addiction, you find it hard to think about the loss of nutrition junk food pushes you into. Any nutritionist worth her salt will recommend eating an apple or carrot sticks if you want a healthy, nutritious snack. But can you imagine serving crudités, tofu kabobs, and rice cakes when "the gang" comes over to watch the big game on television? Even the most health-conscious among us have to admit that there are times when only cookies, chips, crackers, dips, and spreads will do.

Junk Food Advertising:  In the world of internet and fast changing technology, when every body seems to be conscious about their health, we also have other sites that promote fat-packed foods and sell them like hot cakes. Foods prepared out side the home and restaurant foods have a great attraction for food buffs. On an average Lays is selling a billion bags of Chips per year. It is an altogether different story that junk food advertising has a major role in this.  

Why Does Junk Food Lead To Adverse Effects?

If ingredients make junk foods appealing, it is the same reason that makes them health hazardous too. The fat contents, barring a few manufacturers, have high cholesterol levels. Secondly, the sugar and sodium salts have their effects on health. High calorie content with sugar can lead to obesity. Cholesterol and salt are known to setoff blood pressure, stroke and heart diseases in a chain. Excessive salts can affect functioning of kidneys too.
Eating healthy junk food depends upon what you consider to be healthy and what you consider to be junk food. Expert nutrients definition of healthy will be defined as something that is not really bad or unhealthy for you. My definition of junk food will be primarily snacks, fast foods and those foods typically not seen as the best choices of foods to eat.

Obviously some junk foods are just plain unhealthy. If they weren’t, we would not even have the term junk food. Some junk food may not be the greatest thing to eat either, but in moderation perhaps, it is OK to enjoy from time to time. Finally, I hope to find some surprising typical junk foods may give positive healthy benefits. 

More By  :  Purushottam Shrivastava

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