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The Democratic World is Failing
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  China is coming. It will rule all over the world with its dictatorial ambition. It is economically advancing very fast. Soon, it will surpass the USA. It is unlikely the western world will be able to halt its onward march.

Is it necessary if a country becomes economically strong should try to gobble up the whole world? China extending its tentacles throughout  Africa and Latin America. It goes against communist ideology. Communism came into being because of exploitation of workers by the capitalists. Now the same communism is assuming the role of imperialist hegemony. 

This Chinese thrust must be prevented. It is already too late.

No freedom of expression in any form exist in China. They extol economic freedom is far better than any other forms of freedom. Does man live by bread alone? It will always remain debatable swinging alternately between the two options from time to time, never finding a permanent resolution. But the majority of poor people groveling under grueling poverty may be ready to sacrifice democratic freedoms in preference to the demand of the stomach.

How far is the democratic world responsible for the rise of China?  A lot. First of all China’s economic development is due mainly to flooding the entire world market with China-made products. China’s membership    of  W.T.O. enabled China to export goods throughout the world with competitive prices. And the world responded favourably. In fact, this is the sole factor for the phenomenal economic growth of China. 

Economic well-being is the forerunner of all other sectors of development. China is well aware of it. She doesn’t want to lag behind militarily. She is a big power to reckon with now. She flouted the ruling of ICJ with nonchalance making a mockery of the existence of such an international organization. It’ll have an adverse impact on the future of U.N.O. too. She annexed South China Sea islands against the verdict. The democratic world could do nothing. What purpose does it serve by parading big aircraft carriers and naval fleets around SCS or conducting military drill? It’ll be meaningful only if it succeeds in dislodging China from SCS adventure. That prospect looks remote.   

China is destined to be number one super power. America will not be great again. It’s only a matter of time. The US can do barking only with no biting power. China is sure footed. SCS is theirs’. Can democratic world alter it?

Democracy is lost, communist hegemony will engulf the world. You have already accepted making it to reach the point of no return. This is a certainty. There is no way but to swallow this bitter truth.

 Hail rising China.                            

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