Understanding Behaviors and the Corona Virus

So, I ask, what can you do in a positive way to help others during these days of lockdown, face masks and social distancing. Here are few things that you can, send a message to someone you know who is alone, and you do know someone like that, everyone does. And tell him that you love him and miss his laughter. Tell him that he is an especially important person, coping like everyone else with lockdown and fear and loneliness.

It is really scary to observe, what is going on in the World today, social distancing and face masks are not normal, anger is rampant, you can see it in the NEWS and hatred is the result of isolation.

Everyone I know is afraid of their own friends and siblings and coworkers and neighbors. We humans are not made to live in isolation wearing masks scared of other humans, no that is not who we are.

So, I ask again. what do we do when everyone tells us to social distance and put a mask on?  This is what we do -- we use our devices to connect with as many as we can, just as I am doing connecting with you and letting you know that you, each one who reads this, is a very very special person, one of a kind sent here by God himself, to your incredibly special parents and siblings and neighbors and friends and coworkers. Just be happy and smile, you are unique and yes take precautions, like you always did, when you found a sick friend, and took care of him. The best act of your life.

Be careful the virus, they say, and they really do not know much about it, is extremely dangerous.

If I observe thing, in places like Dharavi the slum dwellers are doing fine, there is hardly any room there for social distancing or they hardly have sanitation as they have in Jorbag in New Delhi. Why is it so, what good is social distancing what good is a face mask, are the questions that I ask, what good is washing one’s hands is.

Is it possible that the diet of Dharavi and millions other villages in India, the vegetarian diet and a spick and span colon, because of fibrous diet, repels the virus from coming in the body, I ask humbly?

After all our colon is like a garbage can of the body. And I submit to you if you have two garbage cans, some call them dustbins, one is spick and span clean and the other one is full of filth, rotten foods and junk, which “can” will attract mosquitoes, flies, viruses—you got it, the filthy can does always 100%. So, I would say clean your colon every day twice a day, keep it clean. It is easily done by eating a totally vegetarian food, full of fiber and vitamins and sufficient proteins for human health.

Animal meat is extremely difficult to digest it remains in the colon for days and meat eaters have hard time going to potty every day twice a day.

A filth full colon, just like a filth full Garbage can, does attract virus, flu, Corona etc. That is what I think. Americans eat gobs of meat more than any other country and they do not have clean colons like mostly Vegetarian Indians. It is not surprising that there is hardly any Deaths in Dharavi or in millions of villages in India.

One death due to any cause is sad, although we know all seven billion of us will eventually die.

In India in a population of 1.5 Billion 25000 or so have died due to this virus, as the say in their records, if you believe them.

That is my observations, if one’s colon is squeaky clean, one can rarely, if at all, get infected by any Virus, and Corona is not the only Virus floating around, there are many many many Viruses that can attack a filth full colon.

I am proud of the people of Dharavi-- people who run Bombay for the rich and the mighty, who are in hospitals these days infected by Corona Virus. I am proud of the villagers of India, who hardly have water to cook, forget washing hands. The Villagers of India make the country run.

They are the one who send their sons and daughters to defend India from Chinese land grabbers, during this Corona Virus crisis that originated in China.

I am proud of our India and its vegetarian ethics a county full of 1,5 Billion people most of them young, believing in Non-Violence, Truthfulness, Kindness and are free of greed.

I wrote this to present to you my views based on my observation and my way of life. Think about it and be happy, I love you and know that you are thoughtful, highly intelligent, and most likely much smarter than I. But I love you my reader and that is the best thing about me.

I do agree in the end that many animal eaters also did not get infected by the Corona virus. Yes, and that is perhaps due to the fact their digestive system is par excellence. Their colon is also exceptionally clean. In my opinion a clean colon is the best defense against all viruses. But for an average person it is extremely difficult to digest dead animal meat. And they get fat with a bloated colon full of filth.

So have a good time smile – smiling is the best pain killer it is the best stress relief and smiling also is the best beauty cream.

More By  :  Kamal (Kam) Joshi

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