Ugly Realities of the Pandemic

 The pandemic has brought to the fore certain ugly realities that mankind has to face.

  • Businesses and educational institutions have used the adverse situation to their advantage laying off employees and ringfencing salaries. Can you explain on what grounds are educational institutions slicing the salaries of their teachers? These educational institutions have collected the entire fees in advance and now are using the situation prevailing in the country to take unfair advantage. But dare anyone complain…!
  • Linked In sacked 900+ employees in a single day. Some of them were so shocked that they did not know what they were posting on Linked In. Linked In, according to me, is a complete wasted effort that has failed completely. At best, it has become a showcase for people who are crying for attention and wish to tom-tom their achievements. It is ludicrous to witness the extent to which some of these Linked In members can relentlessly post their personal achievements expecting to win likes and comments!
  • All the jobs posted on Linked In are nothing short of a scam. I wonder if anyone in this world has got a job through this portal.
  • Due to the ample time available to everyone due to the pandemic, members continue to post inane stuff on Linked In. I am amazed that those who are at the helm in Linked In are unable to notice how useless this social media tool has turned into…Pity them! Hopefully, there will be more layoffs… Linked In is now suffering an identity crisis of the highest order and their CEO is blissfully unaware about the same.
  • Despite tall claims of a “Digital India”, none of our digital technologies were helpful in containing the pandemic. People were forced to use some of the apps developed by government and quarantine rules were imposed by states to loot travelers of their hard-earned money. Instead of containing the spread of the pandemic, some of the decisions made by states resulted in undue harassment to citizens for no fault of theirs.
  • Celebrities used this opportunity to get additional publicity – be it getting admitted to a hospital to market the hospital’s services or milking the death of another celebrity to attract maximum attention. Like fireflies, other celebrities fell into the trap each presenting their own version of the facts. Salute you Social Media! Poor Twitter… it has become a handmaiden of political bigwigs and film stars wanting to take potshots at one another.
  • Most state governments had curfew and lockdown as the twin strategies to handle the spread of the epidemic. No one wanted to know the genesis of the issue or what sort of planning was needed to contain this threat… all reactions were knee-jerk reactions and TV channels added to the mayhem by spreading fake news.
  • The subsidies offered by the state governments became a lucrative opportunity for people in slums to deliberately report sick and bargain for the windfall profits. That human beings can stoop to any level for their selfish gains was amply proved in whatever transpired in our country in the aftermath of the pandemic.
  • Suddenly everyone is manufacturing masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, anti-septic liquid. Every toilet soap will soon claim to fight the deadly virus. Some of these soap manufacturers will be magnanimous to advertise that customers can choose any soap to wash their hands.
  • Hindustan Unilever will continue to teach people (including children) to dirty their hands and clothes because Surf is available to clean the dirt. Luckily they are not advocating us to venture out of homes and then claim that their “Lifebuoy” is there to kill the germs (99.9% to be precise).
  • Every commodity that is marketed in India has now jumped onto the “anti-virus” bandwagon. No, I am not referring to the anti-virus software in our laptops. I am referring to the advertising claims made by everyone – from people selling incense sticks to manufacturing asafoetida powders… each and every product has the strength to attack the deadly virus. And, Dominos will digitally market its products claiming that its products are untouched by hands… Oh, really? We have to believe this…
  • Soon, footwear manufacturers, manufacturers of air conditioners, cupboards, dust bins – everyone will leverage their creative capabilities to market their products’ virus-fighting capabilities.
  • What we also need is

    a. One-seater in every row buses
    b. One-seater autos
    c. One-seater taxis
    d. A home kit for hair cutting (as saloons will soon shut down)
    e. A mask that makes it easy for us to breathe
    f. A magic lamp that protects us from evils like digital notifications and spammers
  • Ola will still ask their drivers to be paid a “bakshish” because they are taking the risk. But what about doing some of that charity yourself Ola… why can’t you sacrifice a bit of your commissions?

The list is endless…

More By  :  Vydehi Ramamirtham

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