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Age is Not Just a Number
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Did you hear this many times over that age is just a number? Which is not. Age is an absolute marker indicating how far you are near the grave.

I’m a nonagenarian now. I’m fully qualified to assert the truth.

Age is an irreversible biological process of growing. We usually forget that growth is never a continuous ascending process, it is followed by decay after reaching a peak. When we talk of old age we usually remind ourselves about decay – the reverse direction of growth.

There are reasons to fear aging. Aging body becomes the repository of all kinds of diseases. Eyesight diminishes, hearing suffers loss, bodily function of kidney, liver etc goes down, physical strength nosedives, mental faculty weakens, dementia sets in and so on.

None can escape death; it's inevitable. Tragedy is that nobody wants to die. Frantic research is going on to lengthen longevity. There are authorities now to claim age is a kind of disease and a day will come when it will be curable. They forecast immortality of man can be attainable. It's only a matter of time.

Many rich people – in the west - who try to preserve dead bodies in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -150 C in the hope of reviving the body back to life when science will be able to do that.  Many optimists believe it will be possible. They are waiting for the day to arrive.

At present longevity is on the rise worldwide. That means non-productive members of the society are soaring, putting extra burden on the younger generation. This is a reality. If remedial steps are not taken some nations may become extinct in due course of time.

Fear of death haunts mankind. We forget that it is inevitable. Better is to overcome the fear by cultivation and live happily as long as we are alive.

Though we cannot prevent death, we can still minimize the rate of aging. It is a common observation that everybody doesn’t age exactly in proportion to age. Some remain active and healthy beyond eighty, while some become bedridden at sixty or fifty. Individual genes play a great part. It seems the effect of genes also can be influenced considerably by the effort of maintaining good health by proper physical and mental exercises. Healthy mindset is a potent contributor to a healthy mind and body. This factor can be brought under control by conscious and persistent effort.

Adapt to the new normal. The only thing you can control is your mind; believe you can do it. Maintain positive mindset; be jovial, develop a childlike mentality; keep sense of humour alive; remain curious; cultivate physical and mental exercise. Proper nutrition is a must. Don't fear death. Let it come in its own time; be ready to welcome it with cheer. And live happily till the final day arrives.

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Thank you very much for your valued comment.

I would like to classify age into three categories: chronological, physical and psychological. Chronologically you keep counting and nothing else to do; physical is dependent on what you eat and how you remain active bodily, mentally depends on how you consciously look at life and the world. Physical and mental are symbiotic in nature -- mutually influencing each other. I would like to give much importance to mental part of aging. You might heard at this age you can;t do this and that. It is agreed you can't do everything, but quite a few things --- normally not permissible -- can be done. Many become old faster mentally. This can be controlled in a great way.

I don't know your chronological and physical age. From your writing style I guess you are mentally quite young. Maintain it.

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
08/15/2020 23:17 PM

Comment Very practical and nice article Sir. I appreciate your open approach to the irreversible process of ageing and the effects of the same. Yes. We can only create positive approach to things and try to learn and spend time as much as possible that gives us satisfaction, happiness and keep us busy. With that we cannot try to enter into a group of youngsters who are of one's grandsons' age and act like them. That will bring derisive comments undoubtedly.

It is wise always to remember ageing is both a mental an physical process. It is all the more wise to accept things as they come and accept them philosophically and gracefully.

G Swaminathan
08/15/2020 12:01 PM

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