Garbad Lal - The Mechanic

Mission 2 - Digital Rescue

This is a story about Garbad Lal - The mechanic. He was our domestic helper. He helped Dad in his work, and even played with me. From childhood, he wanted to be a detective. In school & collage, he thought he would solve every single problem but he wouldn't because he was very silly. But he would always save the day. We all joked and called him the saviour.

Once upon a time, my Grandpa was really sad because his computer was running slow. He had to write an important mail. But, the computer was working slow and irritating him. He called my Dad and said,

"Hi Kappie, My computer is running slow. Please call the mechanic."

It took a long time for him to arrive.

Meanwhile, Garbad said to Grandpa, "Do not worry Uncle! I will sort this out."

Grandpa said, "No! No Garbad! You will mess it all up! I know!"

Garbad thought "Oh, I'm so intelligent! I can do this! Let me make it a surprise for Uncle!"

But when Garbad was mending the computer, he was doing something silly. He was washing the motherboard with soap and water! After he washed the motherboard he realized that it was all wet and he could get an electric shock. He dried it with a hair dryer. While fixing, he did not know where to put the wire.

He got an idea that he could see the wires from my computer and fix Grandpa's. He opened my computer and saw the wires.

I went to my room and said, "Oh no! What have you done Garbad?"

Garbad Lal said "Umm I'm fixing Uncle's umm computer. And umm checking your wires. Don't worry Aana. I'll fix it in a jiffy."

When he was going to switch on the computer, I closed my eyes because I thought there would be smoke. But everything was back to normal and the computer worked!

A little while later, the mechanic came and said to Garbad,

" Oh you have already fixed it!

When Grandpa came home from office, he could not believe his eyes! The computer was fixed!

Grandpa said "Oh thank you Mr. Mechanic!"

The mechanic said "I didn't fix this. Your boy fixed it."

Now Grandpa couldn't believe his ears!

Garbad always does something silly but he saves the day.

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comment Beautifully penned. Such a cute write up. Was fun reading it . Read something on a lighter note after a long time. Look forward to read more of Garbad Lal incidents.

Ekta Arora
17-Aug-2020 12:11 PM

Comment Woww!! It is amazingly penned down . Just loved reading it . Can't wait to read Garbad lal part 3 .

Paridhi Arora
17-Aug-2020 12:07 PM

Comment brilliantly written.

Neeru varma
16-Aug-2020 04:36 AM

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