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Fairy Tales: An Essay
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The Fairy tales had inspired the music and particularly opera. There is French Opera Feerie along with German Marchenoper. The examples in French language consist of Zemire et Azor of Gretry along with Le Cheval de bronze of Auber. There are operas in German which are Mozart's Die Zauberflote. You have heard of Hansel and Gretel of Humperdinck. You might have also come across An Allem ist Hutchen Schuld of Siegfried Wagner. They are fairy tales along with Die Kluge of Carl Orff. There are modern fairy tales which were written with the goal of music. Audrey Niffenegger had written "Raven Girl" and it has been written with the inspiration of new dance for Royal Ballet at London.

The song has been "Singring and the Glass Guitar" and Utopia is an band from America. The album named "Ra" is associated with it. This is known as "An Electrified Fairytale". The composition is made by four members of that band. They were Roger Powell, Willie Wilcox, Kasim Sulton, and Todd Rundgren. A story has been discussed on theft of Glass Guitar by the Evil Forces. This must be recovered by four heroes.

The fairy tale can be described in the form under the genre of folklore , which is a form of the short story. There are stories associated with the entities like dragons, dwarfs, fairies, elves, goblins, gnomes, mermaids, griffins, unicorns, trolls, or witches. There are fairy tales on enchantments or magic. There are majority of the cultures and the line is not distinct which separates the myth from the fairy tale or folk. They create the literature of the societies of preliterate type. There are fairy tales which can be differentiated from different narratives of folk. It might be legends. These legends include the belief in events narrated along with moral tales of explicit type. There are fables of beast.

There are contexts which are less technical. The fairy tale has been utilized for the narration of something which has been blessed with the endless happiness. There is "fairy-tale ending" or fairy tale romance. Generally fairy tale indicates the far-fetched story. This has been utilized particularly for stories which is false. They may not be true. The legends have been perceived in the form of real. There are fairy tales which come up in the form of legends. The narrative has been found in teller along with hearers There has been grounding of the truth based on historical nature. There are fairy tales which does not have greater than superficial reference on the religion. There are real places along with people. There are events which had taken place once upon a time.

Fairy tales happen in the literary and oral form. In French, "fairy tale" is known as "conte de fées". Madam d’Aulnoy had used it in last part of seventeenth century. We have come across the fairy tales and its evolution from stories which are centuries-old. It had certain variations in various cultures across the globe. The fairy tale has a history which has been quite difficult to find due to literary forms. As per the researchers of Durham university and Lisbon university, there are stories which might be thousands of years. There are stories of Bronze Age and it greater than 6,500 years before present. The fairy tales are written at the present time.

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