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Pleasures of Reading
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The Pleasure reading had been stated as the reading which is picked up freely or the readers can carry out after the assignment. The students finds pleasure in those things which are great.

The Reading for pleasure could be the benefits of society. They can motivate about being connected for the community. The reading improves the knowledge of person about their personal identity. It enhances the empathy and there is an insight within the world view of different people.

The nature of reading is pleasurable for every child. We can begin the book club. The book must be read in every get-together. There are activities of theme reading throughout the year. The choice of book must be encouraged. It must be turned into the competition. The reading can be really funny. This is a portion of the timetable. In our life at school, we must develop the reading habit.

The Novel reading has been an amazing style for the practice of showing human feeling. The reading improves the level of intelligence. The research indicates reading assists in the fluid intelligence. There has been reading comprehension along with emotional intelligence. The decisions are taken smartly.

Book reading influences our life in the positive way. The brain is strengthened and enhances the level of empathy. The vocabulary is developed significantly. The cognitive fall is prevented. The stress is reduced. It assists in sleeping. It improves the depression. It enhances the lifespan.

Everyone should practice reading with joy. It is important to understand the usefulness of reading. It is important to develop a secure space for our reading. We need to be creative through our storytelling technique. It is important to develop the comprehension activities.

The students looking for 20 minutes reading per day beyond school might have enhanced skill in language along with proper understanding of their world. The relationship is strong. These children outscore the same age group by 90%.

The study shows that there are three forms of reading the academic texts and they are skimming, in-depth reading and scanning.

In order to enhance the reading comprehension of students, the teachers must start seven cognitive strategies of successful readers. It includes activating, monitoring-clarifying, inferring, questioning, searching-selecting, visualizing-organizing and summarizing.

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