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Rahul Chatterjee lives in North Kolkata near R G Kar Hospital. He is working for a software company based in Kolkata. He has a friend named Sanjiv Roy who lives at Sealdah in Kolkata. One day Sanjiv came to meet Rahul at his house. He had come after to his friend’s house after 1 year. Rahul is fair complexioned with curly hair. He has an athletic figure. On the other hand, Sanjiv has a dark complexion and he has straight hair. He has a chubby figure. Rahul loves to listen to music and travelling. Sanjiv loves traveling and writing. Sanjiv has another passion which is playing musical instruments like keyboard, harmonica, and guitar. Rahul loves to sing and he had learnt from a singer for five years.

Rahul asked, “Have you heard about Ajanta caves?”

Sanjiv replied, “Yes, It is located in Aurangabad. I went there and saw the beautiful temples in the Buddhist cave. Do you know about Amarnath cave?”

Rahul replied, “It is located in Kashmir and it is known for the shivalinga which is made of ice. Do you have any idea about Buland Darwaja?”

Sanjiv replied, “It is located at Fatehpur Sikri and it is the biggest gateway of our nation. It is near Agra and Akbar had built it.”

Rahul asked, “What was his goal?”

Sanjiv replied, “He had won the Deccan region and in order to commemorate it, he had built it. Have you seen Dilwara temples?”

Rahul said, “I went to Mount Abu last year. There are five temples of Hinduism. It had been constructed around 11th and 13th century AD. Have you heard about elephanta caves?”

Sanjiv said, “when I went to Mumbai for my office tour, I went to Elephanta cave. It is actually the island located in Mumbai harbor and it is popular for the amazing rock cut temples.”

Rahul said, “Let’s have some tea and snacks. Raju, come here.”

Raju came and Rahul asked, “ Please arrange some snacks and tea for both of us.”

Raju replied, “ Okay!”

Rahul said, “ Have you visited Kanya kumara?”

Sanjiv said “ Yes, I went there with my father and it is in Tamil Nadu. There is a virgin goddess temple located in Cape Camorin. Did you go to Khajuraho?“

Rahul said, “ Yes, it is near Bhopal and this place is popular for mahadev temple. Did you see the Qutab Minar?”

Sanjiv replied, “ I went to Delhi in my childhood and visited to Qutab minar. It is the largest minaret. Did you visit Rajghat?”

Rahul replied, “ I went to Delhi two years ago and it is the Samadhi of the father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is situated over the bank of river Yamuna. Have you heard about Jalianwalabagh?”

Sanjiv said, “I went to Amritsar 3 years ago! I visited that spot and the guide told me that it is the place of massacre of Indians who are innocent and this brutal act was made by the British rulers!”

Rahul remarked, “It is really sad. Do you know the history behind red fort?”

Sanjiv replied, “ I went to Delhi four years ago and it is popular for the structure made of red stone. Shah Jahan had built it over the river Yamuna. Have you visited Vir Bhumi?”

Rahul said, “ I went to Delhi and in my tour package, I went to Vir Bhumi which is the Samadhi of Rajiv Gandhi. Did you get time to visit Shantiniketan?”

Sanjiv said “ It is situated in Birbhum district of West Bengal and it is popular for Rabindranath Tagore who had created Vishwabharati, a renowned university.”

More By  :  Prof. Pratanu Banerjee

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