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Always Be A Winner in Life
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Mr. Sanjoy Bakshi lives in Kolkata. He is a teacher at a competitive examination training center in Kolkata. One day he was talking class on General knowledge. His class starts at 10 am and the class duration is 1 hour. He is a popular teacher at Competitive Examination Training Center near Shyambazar, Kolkata. He was talking about the invention of 20th century.

Sanjoy asked, “who discovered relativity?”

Pritam replied, “Albert Einstein in the year 1905. He explained the photoelectric effect and Brownian motion.”

Sanjoy said, “You are right. Who discovered thermodynamics?”

John said, “Walther Nernst in 1906.”

Sanjoy said, “Correct! Who discovered atomic nucleus?”

Kapil replied, “Earnest Rutherford in the year 1911.”

Sanjoy said, “Great! Who discovered continental drift theory?”

Anup replied, “Alfred Wegener in 1912.”

Sanjoy replied, “Perfect! Who discovered x-ray diffraction?”

Ajoy replied, “Max Von Laue in 1912.”

Sanjoy said, “Wow! Great! Who discovered atomic number?”

Ashok said, “Henry Moseley in 1913.”

Sanjoy said, “ Great! Who discovered Schwarzschild radius in black hole?”

Dilip said, “Karl Schwarzchild in 1915.”

Sanjoy said, “ Congratulations! Who discovered stellar nucleosynthesis?”

Jacob said, “Arthur Eddington in 1920. “

Sanjoy said, “ Super! Who discovered milky way as galaxy?”

Arthur said, “Edwin Hubble in 1924.”

Sanjoy said, “Who discovered uncertainty principle?”

Timothy said, “Werner Heisenberg in 1927.”

Sanjoy said, “ That’s great! Who discovered DNA as genetic material?”

Anusua said, “Oswald Avery in 1943”

Sanjoy said, “Superb! Who discovered first transistor?”

Nripen said, “William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain in 1947.”

Sanjoy asked, “ Who discovered polio vaccine?”

Sujoy said, “Jonas Salk in 1952”.

Sanjoy asked, “Who discovered paleomagnetic stripes in ocean crust?”

Debangshu said, “Fred vine, Lawrence Morley and Drummond Matthews in 1963”.

Sanjoy said, “Fantastic! Who discovered quarks?”

Ayan said, “Murray Gell-Mann sand George Zweig in 1964.”

Sanjoy asked, “Who discovered first pulsar?”

Riya said, “Anthony Hewish and Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered in the year 1967.”

Sanjoy asked, “When did Dolly got cloned and which institute accomplished it?”

Dev said, “Roslin Institute cloned Dolly in 1997.”

Sanjoy asked, “Who discovered the expansion of universe?”

Supriya said, “Saul Perlmutter and Gerson Goldhaber in 1998.”

Sanjoy asked, “Who published the initial draft of genome of mankind?”

Debjit said, “It was published in 2001.”

Sanjoy asked, “ Who discovered telesurgery?”

Indradeep said, “Jacques Marescaux accomplished it in 2001.”

Sanjoy said, “ You have read the lessons very well! Congratulations! Carry on learning!”

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