Garbad Lal - The Chef

Mission 3 - Cooking Adventure

This is a story about Garbad Lal - The Chef. He was our domestic helper. He helped Mom, in the kitchen and even played with me. From childhood, he wanted to be a detective. In school & college, he thought he would solve every single problem but he wouldn't because he was very silly. But he would always save the day. We all joked and called him the saviour.

Once upon a time, it was Mamma's birthday. So, Mamma had invited guests and she had to do the cooking. She was going into the kitchen when Garbad Lal came and said "Don't worry aunty, I will do the cooking, please take rest because you are looking tired."

Actually, Mamma was feeling tired. I was giggling that something silly will happen. Garbad was making food. Guests had started coming. I peeked through kitchen door and said "What is wrong Garbad. Tell me. What's wrong?"

He said "Guests have started coming and I have made nothing. What do I do? Please tell me Aana."

Then, I said "You can make something. I have a list of things."

I went to bring the list. But, I couldn't find it. Garbad Lal was boiling potatoes. But he started to do something else and the potatoes got burnt. Same way, he had put some pulses as well. The pulses also burnt. Now there was nothing to cook. He thought "Oh no! Now I will only have to make soup, sandwiches and salad."

Mamma said " Garbad, please get the food."

Garbad Lal said "Give me a minute aunty"

I said " Come on Garbad Lal, get the food out." 

Garbad Lal said " Oh no but I made nothing."

I said " Now go. Guests have arrived. So please go."

He said " Ok Aana." 

He went out of the kitchen door and said " Yes aunty. Hello everyone. Here is the food I cooked." 

Everyone said. " Oh thanks Megha. How did you know our diet? We are on a diet since a few days." Garbad had cooked soup, sandwiches and salad.

Garbad always does something silly but he saves the day.

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comment Another lovely write up by cute master mind.
Aana keep writing more. It's always fun to read your stories.

Ekta Arora
27-Sep-2020 05:09 AM

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