If I Were A Scientist

If I were a scientist, I would have strived to prove following common sense appealing assumptions:

  1. Time does not exist. The ever-going change taking place in every existing thing gives impression of time variation.
  2. There is no reasonable sense in believing in Einstein’s second postulate which implies that velocity of light in vacuum is the ultimate velocity. Since the velocity is directly proportional to force applied, then If the velocity  has a cut-off point, the force will also need to have a cut-off point. This does not make sense. Velocity higher than that of light must be attainable - may be then the moving matter alters from particle form to wave form.
  3. Absolute zero temperature cannot be an absolute cut off for temperature. Lower temperatures must exist- although it may be that matter changes its form unrecognisably in those temperatures.
  4. The Universe always remains in a ‘Cause and Effect Change Continuum’.  There is no beginning, or end, or interruption in this change continuum. Since in circles (or rounded objects) any point can be perceived as a beginning point or end point without disturbing the continuum, it seems most plausible that Universe should be round in shape and exist in the shape of a super-flexible balloon.
  5. Sudden massive changes are wrongfully conceived by human mind as breakages from the past. The Big-Bang theory about beginning of the Universe is one such misconception. It is possible that the bang of the Big-Bang was so impactful and sudden that it appears as beginning of Universe. But, the creation and destruction of the Universe cannot be at one point or the other and must be continuous phenomenon.
  6. Life cannot be created by absolutely inanimate objects. Therefore, it must exist in some basic form in every particle of the universe. This basic  life existing in every particle, when properly combines, creates the complex life as is believed to be living-being by us.  
  7. There is a Death-Life continuum. Death is change of life from a complex organised form to many basic forms; and vice-versa. It is not a continuation of Atma as conceived by Hindus, but a continuation of matter and energy in another form. In fact a part of all existing things dies every moment giving rise to creation of something else. The old and new creation both have lives- complex or simple.

More By  :  Mahesh Chandra Dewedy

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