Acceptance of Thoughts

These innocent kids like seedlings grow
The caring parents always help them glow
They make their surrounding as their world
And constantly learn skills while they whirl!

No religion, no caste, and not a specific nation
Children draw public with their natural oration
They know not about their potential ambition
Their musings lead to their future mission!

Growing children turn into teens with zeal
They muddle with multiple options to deal
Parents often fail to understand their mind
And ignore their word with an emotional bind!

Ambitious and skilful youth dream so high
Expected parents suppress them with a sigh
Adults wish to rock in their chosen better field
Discontented parents request them to yield!

Ambiguous people keenly hear their say
To convince them easily, they find no way
Youth expect their parents to accept
Thought and decisions they ever kept!

>Communication is the key to decision
Both parties need to know the vision
Taste differs from one chap to another
Acceptance of thought is the way, other!

More By  :  Setaluri Padmavathi

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