Jam Struck

It was not really bumper to bumper but the car could not budge beyond the first or the second gear supported speed. The mornings would be like that only, owing to the peak hours. For a not so much of a morning person traffic jams can be a real bane as one has to get up earlier than usual to reach the destination. Increased transport congestion, increased travel time and queuing up of vehicles are the gift of scientific enhancement and technological growth in the current century.

In the present times due to traffic jams the fuel consumption has risen and more pollution has been added in the atmosphere. But these traffic jams serve the best platform for advertisers to showcase their products. Not just the young poor boy who comes to your car’s window to sell his stuff but the big hoarding ads too.

While sitting in the car waiting for the turn to move ahead in the crowd of vehicles my eyes just stopped by the sight of a poster of a film which read The White Tiger. The poster with its protagonist in a uniform with oiled straight hair and the two other actors standing over him immaculately dressed denoted the basic class inequality. I was impressed by the way the punch line said - create your fate. The film too follows the journey of a lower class driver of an urbane upper class employer who beats all odds to become an entrepreneur. The stark dichotomy of the social classes as portrayed in the film is still prevalent in our country. House helps, maids, drivers, maali etc represent the working class who share a wide gap with their masters socially. And the desire of those from these lower rung of society to be like the upper class is what drives them often to dark and erring side of the system committing crimes and deceit.
Then just next to it was another poster of a web series Scam: 1992 The Harshad Mehta Story. The series set in the 90s was all about the infamous scam in the share market by the famous stockbroker Harshad Mehta. This was the time when the term scam gained popularity in usage. Following the numerous scandals that came into light committed by Mehta; India began to witness a series of notorious crimes and scam in the business and corporate sector. Even today India is plagued with crime in many areas of work. In a huge country like India with myriad sectors corruption has spread at various levels. It needs to be uprooted right from the grass root level up till the higher echelons of the society.

In the meantime, as I was engrossed in staring and examining the hoardings, I was intervened by a small child selling something. I had covered a red light and the traffic had started moving with one gear up. I had also bought stuff sold by the child. My destination was not so far. All I knew was that I had to get up earlier than usual tomorrow owing to the traffic jam. But I was also waiting for another poster or advertisement the next day. May be this time a Play in the city, depicting life through a new, different and unique prism.

More By  :  Komal Singh

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