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I Stand with the Farmers
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Be ready to get the news that I have been chargesheeted under various clauses of sedition laws and thrown behind the bars. These laws were framed by the British Raj to keep the colonial subjects in perennial subjugation. It’s too sad that after 75 years of independence we couldn’t revise the archaic laws to suit an independent nation.  I remained apolitical so far neither supporting BJP nor TMC or any other. No more. Why will be explained gradually later. 

However, I’m an admirer of PM. Modi.  I consider him as the best P.M India has ever had. But I couldn’t appreciate his handling of ‘farmers’ protest’ now running for 105 days and counting.

I’m a pro-reform man. Reforms are necessary for development. But, under the current circumstances the new laws should be repealed purely on humanitarian grounds. Time for discussing merits and demerits of the laws is over. Reintroduce it suitably at a later date. So long it has been delayed -- if it extends a few years more -- the sky will not fall. Have some compassion for thousands of farmers – men and women – squatting on the borders, day and night, braving winter colds under the open sky and repeal the laws immediately. Any hardest stone would have melted by now -- not Modi’s heart. He is heartless – not a humane quality.  Rigidity in outlook is alright; at times it needs to be tempered with appropriate blend of flexibility.  Conceding to opposing views on occasions is not indicative of weakness. It can be done from a high point of strength and magnanimity.   

But for my age and ill health I would have been there at the Singhu border cheering the protesting farmers.

(I shared this with FB & Twitter not with Senior Citizen’s Groups. If by any chance it goes there FB is to be blamed)

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