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My Short Stint Under Didi's Rule
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 (The article is not  free from the risk of getting me arrested)

I’m a simple and a simpleton like man. Not quite at home with worldly wisdom. And about one year back only I shifted to Kolkata from Noida. In my naiveté I became a victim of a cheating case. A fraudster, named Abhijit, promised me to provide a Jio fiber connection to my residence. He wanted me to pay Rs. 4500/- in advance through the internet. First, I was apprehensive of paying the amount in advance. He assured me not to be afraid of as the money is going to a prominent firm. Believing him I transferred the amount to Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd through the internet without bothering about other details, taking for granted whatever he said was reliable.

He didn’t turn up within 48 hours as per his promise. I called him back several times. He never took my call. Then I began searching how to contact Reliance Jio Fiber. And it turned out the money didn’t go to Reliance at all. It went to a private UCO Bank account of Bhadreshwar. Then only the reality dawned on my head. While transferring money through the internet the name of the beneficiary – an individual or a firm – doesn’t matter, only the account number of beneficiary and the IFS Code of the bank count. So I was defrauded to believe that the money went to the renowned Reliance firm.    

I immediately reported the matter to Cyber Crime Police Station, Lalbazar, Kolkata. They passed the buck directing me to contact Cyber Crime Police Station, Barrackpore on the given number. They in turn told me to register the case at the Ghola Police station of my area. I duly did it and I was given the registration number. Asking when I should come again I was assured that no need of coming; I will be intimated in due course.

Getting no information after two months, I went there to be told that it is a pure cyber crime and they can’t do anything about it; I should contact only cyber crime branch. So, I’m back to square one. I found no use of repeating the cycle.

I did all this exercise against backdrop of discouragement of my friends. The atmosphere is so heavily charged with extreme cynicism – nothing is going to happen they all said. And what all they said came true.

I was not after getting the money back either; I only wanted to get the culprit caught and punished. And it was so simple: a phone call to Bhadreshwar  Police station to find out the particulars of account number of UCO bank  Bhaddrewar solves the problem, but it couldn't be done.                                                                                       

 My restlessness continued to grow to find a clue. At last, a ray of hope beamed on the horizon.  You can spill out your problems on ‘Didike Bolo’ phone number. I called on the given number and immediately I was given a unique ID plus a message on the mobile that I could reach the CM through the given email address. I gave full account of the case to her and waited for the action. I rang again the Didike Bolo number and got an automated response that I’ll be contacted when my turn comes up. Two solid years went by and my turn didn’t come. Repeat calls went waste, emails unresponsive. I gave a threat if I post on social media then only your police will be active to arrest me.  Again no reaction. Peoples’ loss of faith in the system is fully justified.

Much touted claims made by the government are nothing but hoaxes to befool people. 

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