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All Along the Memory Lane
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From Memory Lane: A Thought for the Day

To the real soldiers of our land

In every age there are people, friends, philosophers and guides to extend their motivating talents to people who can’t reach them. They are the most resourceful aspiring people who take a step to save life that needs them the most. In days of calamity, in famine, during earthquake, at war front, and this pandemic that has given a life’s experience to the young and the old.

I remember, once having met Mother Theresa in Santacruz, Mumbai, where, after her smiling bliss she had signed a card on my request for my son who was then 16 then, with a beautiful message for him which said “Deepak you are not alone. God is with you now and always.” with her sign below. But before writing she asked me “What is your son’s name?” “Deepak” was my reply.

The never fading memories sometimes are everlasting and are piled up in the library of my heart adding many more on occasions to mark the Goodness that is showered as a boon.

Today looking at scenario of the hustle and bustle full of restlessness fills my heart with gratitude and sings in the glory of those who come in front to help those who are taking a back seat.

The senior centers where I used to go for Monday through Friday for 4 hours before March 14, suddenly all started shutting down due to the safety of people specially the seniors. The Corona virus rushed in human life as never witnessed before. But the charming staff of the senior center, the social workers often called to ask how I was doing, similarly to all the registered members. Adding more to it would offer help if anyone wanted to go shopping grocery, or go to doctor, pick medicines from pharmacy, arrange a ride, come pick up and drop back safely home. The good Samaritans in the church pantry would fill big brown paper baskets of fresh vegetables, fruit cans, sauce, juices, and offer all in need. It was like the farmers market was on wheels.

I really burst into tears, not that the food is everlasting commodity, but with the blissful attitude and from the core of my heart, a feeling of gratitude, feeling of thankfulness to the people who serve behind the curtain and the hands that reach the abled and disabled people in this time of need-which means a lot. More than a lot, rather when the words fail to express the unsaid feelings in this time of HOME STAY, as designed by nature to really learn to appreciate what is in front of us, A REALTY of our being. In daily lives we do understand the underlying meaning of words that we have been repeatedly saying. But DOING is what is to be appreciated. At this point now I am feeling that it is not happiness that makes one greatful but gratefulness that makes one happy.

I picked up the phone to thank the source but words fail to express my thankfulness, still I could feel the thrill of happiness in my heart that these are the extended hands of my master, the Creator who reaches me and many who are unable to go around in this unsafe atmosphere. And, here I hear a voice “What do you want my child,” and that is it: everything one could need to survive for many days without worry in this time of testimony, to believe in the Creator who has extended sources to reach us as the rays of the sun.

I salute to the noble soldiers of the land who serve humanity with all their heart.

The soldiers of our Land
Who risk their lives to save us
Protecting our borders and safeguarding us
The doctors, the nurses, the police, the educators
The food providers serving humanity
All through this pandemic
And To those who Live in Deeds

With thankfulness to all the hands that call to reach us, offer, take care and deliver at the door. This is an inspiring thought that has entered my mind, touched my heart as does a quote of Rumi say : “It is really like a dear guest visiting me that day’.

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