The Broken Ceiling - Citizenship Behavior!

Entire country is bleeding, is on its toes, we are hurt that this COVID-19 virus has created a havoc everywhere.

Citizens around the world are mentally, emotionally and physically drained- sick and tired. Inspite of this, everyone in their own way trying to either save a life or do something for others or at least have intentions.  I had written about Citizen behaviors sometime ago and I truly mean by every word I said in that.

We all are devasted, going thorugh immense pain for we have lost someone. But it pains to see people loose their temper on hospital staffs, ambulance drivers, doctors, nurses now. It pains to see some folks getting their frustrations out on them who are giving their everything now, left their family, kids, work for days and nights wearing the PPE where one sweats to the limit inspite of being in an AC environment if at all AC is working. For AC must have been tired and broken down of running non stop.

No one notices the bruises on face, ears caused due to masks and gogles and PPE, no one notices the dehydration for everyone is trying to save a life. How is that the conscience tells to go after them in these hours. I have gone through all these and know how difficult it is to care for someone wearing these for 16-18 hours. There is no option to eat food even, because you donot have a second, else a life will be lost. Further you have to change entire PPE for it takes so much time. I have seen nurses not drinking water for 8 hours though they will be profusly sweating in an AC environment wearing those PPE.

My experience of travelling and living in various countries around the world taught me more. I learned how to be more tolerant to other views, opinions, accept cultures and believeing that we all are one. I have never comeacross nor seen this kind of an act especially to folks who are going through immense pain themselve, caring for people and trying to save a life anywhere in the world. Why certain citizens think and behave the way they do! A lot we need to ask ourselves as Citizens, whichever country one may belong to!

I know it is very very difficult when one looses one's own and everything seems to be out of control. But these are the time when the situation tests its Citizens, Citizens Character, a Country's Social fabric.

Time to support each other, stand for each other, have patience and rebuild this country in time to come! But now, let us empathise with eachother.

Strength to the Citizens and INDIA of my dreams!

More By  :  Ansuman Das

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