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New World Order: Adventure or Misadventure
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Today’s World Reality is a constantly changing goalpost. It has always remained from time immoral where strong devours the weak, slogans are propaganda driven, friendships have become need based, freedom is an eye wash amidst neo-colonist vultures eyes, nationalism has given way to extremism, hatred and quest to control has resort to bio warfare, earth’s destruction is not enough that folks want to destroy the universe. Peace is now restricted to books and prizes and for a few who truly are humanitarian.

It is a fact that the world today, is divided into numerous groups of human beings who have defined territories and have called themselves nations, which are constantly competing with one another for greater power and domination over one another.  One can say that imperialism is no more present with advent of 21st century but the ground realities are different; the only difference, it is not naked but spreading its tentacles in an invisible subtle way in the form of neo colonists. The imperialistic attitude has shifted gears and unfortunately this still continues in different forms.

In the new millennium nations are wearing new masks and coming up with new face of friendship and empathetic slogans but the inner vices still remain deeply engraved. Today, the spirit of domination is redefined. It is more lethal and dangerous than ever before,  primarily comes in form of economic dominance while everything else is made to look bigger, more a façade wether it is an ideology or cult. Peace has become  synonymous with an interval between two wars, a makeshift feel good arrangement with a quick fix solution followed by awarding a noble prize.

Conflicts are redefined; sometimes it manifests itself in actual clash and at other times in the form of cold war or trade war. Similarly the armory has got a facelift in the form of bio-weapons which we all are seeing taking millions of human into its fold without any bloodshed. A new world order indeed.  Then there are scientific community and nations who are creating lab monsters to protect them and livelihood all in name of scientific advancement. We are still not realizing what we are doing to this world. It is shameful that we have crossed all limits; many a times feel that the law of the jungle was still better; at least it had drawn its limit within the natural eco system.  When will we learn, what price we have to pay as humans to bring this into us and realize. We cannot call ourself intellectuals when we start to believe that I can keep my country citizens safe at cost of other nations. This is the biggest myth the so called political intellectuals have and are living with this notion.

If we flip through the pages from history we will see what we brought the world to what it is today. What we are doing now is going to be deadly if not stopped. The whole world will pay the price for such acts of a few political vultures and scientific community supporting the misadventures of their political bosses. We have seen enough protests to ones which come to light but are taken by surprise for others when it is too late like the Covid19 pandemic. If you extrapolate and see the world map, you will find which countries and at stage they came into its fold and made to crawl. A very well thought out misadventure to cripple the nations and spread ones power. It showed how destabilizing developing economies brought them to the mortgage table from where there is no looking back. When certain nations raise the alarm about this country the other nations of the world didn’t pay a heed to it thinking it is another mutual discord but later to realize the intention.

Gone are the days of the world wars, while we cannot discount this in its entirety for the arms market is burgeoning, growing and profitable. Wars will continue to plague nations with scope for more internally induced conflicts, insurgencies, fight people on name of religions, ideology so that country can never stabilize and grow. This is the world reality and will continue to manifold in its stature and content.

In all above we know what role media plays. Media of any country cannot survive on its own; they are parasites and depend of two things primarily. One- Their financier bosses and second we public. It is unfortunate that we the so called intellectuals among living species do not exercise our mind for things that is required at right time but we considered ourselves the wisest of creation. They will act and feed what their bosses will tell them as per propaganda and they know what to cover, when to cover and how to feed on the weakness of citizens of different countries and polarize the world.

Have you ever noticed the last 50-60 years political landscape, political intents, propaganda for and against  countries and media’s role in running narratives to make people believe what is being showcased or told. Have you ever wondered how human chains have been formed who act as individual carriers of communication and messaging across in their own community and world at large to influence including some peace prize winners. A lot is already at stake around us.

Why do you think North Koreas political establishment is consistently shown in a poor light especially by the western media? What has prompted this? Nuclear weapon? Rogue nation? When no other nations felt so but a country’s political establishments and western media ran this narrative. Is USA political establishment more responsible and better than North Korea? Well, history and the present do not show it? Why this attitude? Why was such attitude to various other countries in past including Iraq where they could never find the chemical weapons, why not shying away from the lab experiments and disturbing climate?  But those countries will be first to preach the world on disarmament, climate action among others.

Why a communist country like China harboring intentions on seas and eyeing all of its neighbours? Why China alone, there are other players in different variants. When the countries of Europe became powerful in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, each one of them stretched aggressive arms to grab other countries. Tentacles of destruction spread through nooks and corners globally in various ways. History of France, England followed by Germany spreading their empire and aggression in the globe is well known.  Russia and USA have pose a threat with their actions time and again after world war II. Under the very nose of UN,  human rights are widely violated which has failed repeatedly in its intent to bring peace and harmony. It is no more than failed organization whose powers are resting with few vested interests from time to time and a certain country that is ensuring the allied UN bodies are staffed and stage managed as per its own global agenda and maneuvers accordingly. China’s supremacist drive, intent to create a pull for its low quality products and waiting to make inroads once a country goes into economic paralysis is well known, This is all the more concerning given the approach they have taken with their slimy foreign policy, sending its emissary to do on ground study to opening small business to having stake in all global organizations as shareholders, in name of aid. Their strategy coupled with aggressive show of strength towards Korea, India, Tibet, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam and not to forget other Himalayan states and claiming control on ocean waters.  Chinese maps are published where the territories of other countries are misrepresented. China has kept its expansionism alive and propelled it further once it managed to transform into a new economic, military and political power. In process, it has also expanded greatly its economy and has overtaken USA as largest economy in the world. This is the only country in the world today which has harbored and created increasing territorial conflicts with almost with all  its neighbours and has not left anyone behind to fuel its expansionist idea. India, Bhutan, Taiwan, Nepal, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Japan all have got a taste of China. When it comes to other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, African countries, Srilanka it does exactly what an imperialist country did in the form of East India company in past. The only difference is Chinese establishment’s entry strategy and mannerisms have been able to attract the countries and its citizens towards them which their future generations would understand may be many years down the lane when their countries would have been sold to China.

Africa, Asia and Europe are at an interesting crossroads amidst pandemic where the economic revival and support post pandemic from countries like Germany, Russia, USA, US and Australia is required to be seen else these will fall prey to certain establishments ulterior ambitions.  It also has to be seen whether these countries enter into trade pacts with a win win or to further cripple such countries in need. UNO needs to be revamped and policies redefined if it has to have an impact and safeguard everyone’s interest and peace and guard against any silent economic and political imperialistic designs of a country which will have far reaching implications. Every time a war breaks out, the warlords say that it is a war to bring peace and stability while they carry and glamorize conflicts and bloodshed under various garbs. These countries have pushed the world to the very brink of destruction.  

History shows that countries have fallen puppet to hands of other economic imperialist nations under the slogan of development and or liberation from rogue governments. Wherever economic aid comes from a powerful block some sort of mental enslavement also follows. There are sponsored aggressive armies in the form of naxalities or liberation armies. In few other countries this happens in the form of so called secular-liberal class or large non governmental entities who apart from carrying out humanitarian missions at face are involved in espionage and instigating anti-establishment views. Aim is to destabilize government, destabilize economy crippling their manufacturing and agriculture and create a platform where the country remains in such a perennial state so that their organization and the propaganda can survive.

Developing countries and smaller nations have to treed various cautiously and must not give way to one country or rely heavily on one for they would never know when Neocolonialism would have taken them in. It has been proved time and again that aid has never developed a country but has pushed the development. The only solution is developing own industries and harnessing resources, find creative ways to address the problems at hand with less reliance on aid. Similarly there are countries where fundamental rights are name sake.  No one can dare call a spade a spade else they will be systematically removed.  An average person there survives in a constant threat and never appears to be free in behavior.  

Can one depend upon the friendship and alliance of other nations where own national interest comes first and friendship are short lived based on mutual interest? Here too the lesson of world history affords us no streak of hope. Friendship or hostility between any two nations has never been a permanent feature. Nations change their friends and foes as it suits their self-interest. The story of the permutations and combinations of relationship between nations of Europe in the last few centuries gives interesting insights.  Today the world appears to be torn into two power-blocs. The powerful nations continue to build their strategic frontiers away from their own national frontiers with a view to carrying on the activities against the perceived enemies on others soil and avoiding the calamities of war on their own soil. We see the Russian armies spread out,  American armies almost everywhere around the world. China has been slowly making inroads overpowering countries through its aid as a starting point before crippling their economies further in time to come. The smaller countries thereby become war-fields or market of finished goods for the trial of strength of bigger powers.

During the 1950s and 60s, India played a pivotal role in the Non Aligned Movement.  In the 1950s, India strongly supported decolonization in  Africa and Asia and played a key role in it.  However NAM is history now in its true sense.  This is now featuring only in pages of history books of certain nations as a concept, an alternative world order to redress the existing inequalities and a propaganda of power blocks for subduing and to preach weaker nations while they follow the most competitive path of amassing weapons of mass destruction. In one of the last summit its attendance and representation of world leaders remained below 10% of its member nations which speaks in itself.

The countries with vibrant with intense patriotic zeal, national pride are seen as a threat. The international rule is that neutral countries cannot be utilized as a corridor for the transit of foreign armies or arms during wars. Supremacist countries dangerous pursuits extend beyond the mask of world unity, world peace and internationalism.   International peace conferences, climate actions are nice fantasies, masks worn whereas the same countries are busy preparing and supplying world-destructive missiles, ammunitions to armed groups and do every act against the climate.  Yes these are the same predatory countries who preach and want peace on paper and advise to follow restraint.  I call it a limited war, do war but limit to certain level of destruction only until they are in a position to buy again the arms and ammunition and depend on the such countries for their economic revival till the next insurgency or war.

As  generations we have a natural desire to remain peaceful, scale ever new heights of prosperity, glory and I  say that this is a very legitimate desire, no one can deny it. However in the process hard reality is different.  There is a need to understand, analyze and act. In the fulfillment of just and legitimate desire we are confronted with impediments and unforeseen challenges which are nothing but result of our acts. If we do not prepare ourselves and do not take a backseat to reassess it will not be long that our future generations will not hesitate to blame us and there will nothing that they can do. One world and humanity-first should be the only guiding principle else we will be responsible for the extinction of human beings from this universe and no one but us to be blamed.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is authors own and in no way reflect any country or its representative’s views. 

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