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Time To Dump The Old Custom
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I live now in a suburban area of Kolkata. There are many stray dogs, as it’s usually found in most of the places everywhere. They mate, breed and multiply just like any other animal. I’ve seen it happening umpteen times, never paid any close attention to it. This time it’s different.

A stray bitch gave birth to five pups in my neighbour’s premises. The neighbours didn’t disturb them. That she loves the pups is obvious. She suckles them periodically several times in a day without fail and licks and grooms them often. She chases any intruder venturing to come near the pups. The pups grow up and leave the mother without any link between them as if they are not known with one another. The grownups lead normal life as usual as others. The repetition goes on and on since time immemorial.

Now, enlarge your focus to a wide angled view, and see that all other living beings – cats, cows, buffaloes, et al -- doing the same. This is the law of Nature. I witnessed only in the pigeons – both the partners – share responsibility of raising the next progeny equally in nest building, hatching the eggs and feeding chicks till they are able to fly away leaving the nest empty. In all other cases, it’s the mother’s duty to bring up the next generation. The mother does it even at the risk of death. Once, David Hare – the founding principal of Hare School of 18th century Calcutta  –  went on hunting.  He spotted a deer. When he aimed at the deer, she fled away beyond his range leaving the calf behind. Mr. Hare picked up the calf and the deer came running near to Hare in a bid to rescue the calf, unmindful of her own death. Out of compassion, Hare didn’t kill her.

Such is the case of all mothers. They – humans and animals alike -- sacrifice everything for the offspring. Well, it’s not a sacrifice either. It’s the bounden duty of every species to ensure the continuation of the race. The offspring, in return, are not supposed to do anything for the forebears. The older generation dies usually due to aging – gradual weakening, starving or whatever. None grumbles. It’s nature at its work.

In the case of humans, fathers also share responsibility in raising the kids.  

In contravention of this law humans behave in a different manner. They retain emotional links with their   children with love and affection. Traditionally, in India and many other countries the children respect the elders, take care of them in every respect in old age. That tradition is seriously under threat of disruption. HelpAge India says 60% of our elderly suffer from abuse – physical and mental torture – from sons and daughter-in-laws. The curve is rising in all strata of society from slum dwellers to pretty well-off. The problem is very complicated with no easy solution. It’s actually a hangover of a deep rooted wrong tradition. Nature didn’t wish the offspring owe any obligation to the progenitors. Their only duty is to raise the next generation in a befitting manner. And the process goes on in perpetuity.

All the troubles the society is facing today is due to clinging tenaciously to this man made custom. It’s time to break free from this long standing practice. It’s not easy, though it’s also occurring in some sporadic cases. It needs to be universal.

Your duty is to give the best education to your children within your capacity without mortgaging your old age security. It’s not an investment to reap dividends in old age. Make adequate provisions –in whatever form may be – for happy living in your golden years. Lapses on this count will land you to the current troubles the society is facing today. And then sever relationships totally with children. They shouldn’t stay with you and share your property. Leave them free to chart their own career path. However, it’s welcome if you can maintain cordial relation with your children living independently.

Seems impossible? Then condemn yourself to undue suffering – physical and mental torture in your old age. HelpAge and others should not find fault with it.

In this fast changing world, brisk adaptability is the name of the game of survival. Embrace it, the sooner the better. Or perish. 


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