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Indian Media’s Misadventure
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As India, the biggest democracy with 1/5th of world population is celebrating its 75th Independence Day, it is a shame the way Indian media is sharing the minute by minute details about PM Modi's plan and visit ahead when security is a big concern. They have still not learnt from 1991 and after.What is the need to cover where all CCTV cameras are, security details and where snipers are? 

I am failing to understand the misadventures of Indian media and certain reporters time and again.

If Taliban is about to take over Afghanistan and is going to govern them and when every country is treading cautiously why is Indian media bent upon to jeopardize India’s diplomacy during these time. Aren’t they inviting and poking Taliban. Similarly, as media you donot have to always talk everything negative about a China or Pakistan. Please leave the diplomacy to government.

Please stop damaging Indìa, you have already done enough harm the way you covered pandemic raising anxieties and showing that you are insensitive and uncompassionate to the core. Why do you have to cover saying a Brahmin MP or Muslim MP from a party did something? You need to stop feeding and spreading negativity 24*7 on air for citizens and stop going on overdrive. If nothing else learn from other media the way they cover for their country. 

Many a times you need to keep quiet and assess situations in country's best interest. Everything is not to be covered and told which you often do with half truths.  There is always a time for everything. You need to learn a lot from international media the way they conduct themselves in their country's  best interest. You can never learn if you continue to do fault finding and blame international media and divert citizens attention and influence them.  You need to get your acts right first. You have got to unlearn and relearn a lot. 

It’s time that we celebrate the Independence in spirit! Best wishes on 75th Independence Day, got a long way to go…

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Comment Well said.

Indian media is a joke.

Treating everything, domestic and international, lightly and with contempt.

08/18/2021 21:25 PM

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