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Emotion Within...
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Self respect, self love and emotion is something that we all have in us, the only problem is some cares for it, and some doesn't.

Never let yourself down for someone who takes you granted and makes you feel important only when they need you. Learn the difference between self respect, your value, and need of being valued. Being valued in a particular situation is something going to harm you for the rest of your life.

If someone is making you feel important or discussing something with you only when they want something from you, or they need you at that time, that is what called as willy nilly behaviour. With such people you should start maintaining distance, as if you don't do this, they will suddenly leave you and you will start feeling down or low, also for their behaviour you cant say anything, because people just care and value for their profit.

Never let someone else take over your decisions and make you dependent on them, as this is something which is going to make you weaker and weaker and weaker for rest of life. To the person you believes to be your strength is sometimes your biggest mistake. In more than 99.9% cases you loose only to the person you kept counting on. Learn the value of your Emotion, your Respect and your Value.

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