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Slowly and slowly comes the slow venom, the oppressive pain as bane, 
No antidote at hand to counteract the acute sombre pain, 
As gloomy as graveyard, try to find solace in pens and prayers, 
Once over, the dire pain trickles as eye drops from moisten dripped eyes as catharsis of pain
Only in  nature and Almighty's sublime presence, can give vent to lethal pain, 
The vicious cycle comes in incarnations, slowly and slowly to rob even the slightest hope to thwart the poisonous pain. 
As no Utopia in hand where there is panacea to foil the morbid pain! 
Alone absorbed in reflection, interplay in words in delusion to negate the inordinate pain, 
A resultant  feigned smiling face, a manifesto of superficial artifacts to conceal the morbid pain. 
The worldly alluring smile in acute pain monologues with the proponents of omniscient pain! 
When the protagonist of the verse confronts the axiom, " Time is the healer of pain. "
Contrary to the popular notion, retorts instead healing, teaches to dwell with the pain, 
The nymph affirms the reason, why people indulge in repulsion so stubborn, 
Is because they sense, once the hate is gone, they will be devoured by pain, time and again. 
By the time you realise, the wounds become deep and perennial, the scars on heart reminds the ache again and again. 
Those wounds never truly heal, nor diminish against the pacified dictums' claimed heal, mere find outlet in pens to numb the pain. 
While parted, invoked the infinity to protect the curator of pain the Time, each time, only to be disheartened again,
with a futile effort to rub with a scar tissue with the robe of smiling face to offset the venomous pain ! 
 Despite God whispers to us in our pleasure, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain,
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you, the genesis of morbid pain.  

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Comment Amazing. The rhythm is so beautiful just like a river. Great work. Keep going. Congrats....

09/02/2021 05:46 AM

Comment Amazing. The rhythm is so beautiful just like a river. Great work. Keep going. Congrats....

09/02/2021 05:45 AM

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