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Bapu Comes to Perth (Nov. 2016)
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Bapu stands tall and imposing at 8’x4’, subtly represented in steel - a fitting tribute to this man of steely convictions and nerves. The installations are by famous artist Vibhor Sogani of New Delhi, at an exhibition held in Perth, W. Australia. It is a proud moment for us as we mingle with other tourists keen on getting to know Gandhiji better.

The images in steel, the largest 16’x 10’ at Elizabeth Quay, are compelling. The artwork contains more than 10 larger than life-size installations with titles like In Harmony, A Silent March, And Millions Marched, Mind of the Mahatma, The Road Ahead, My Life is my Message, A Legendary Smile etc. All brilliantly showcase the influence and times of Gandhiji. He peers kindly from different angles and poses; my image mirrored beside his makes me look and feel so small.

The message of this apostle of peace will echo down centuries.  He spun Swaraj and his dream of an India with an all-inclusive spirit.

He had predicted, “If we do not keep our backyards clean our Swaraj will have a foul stench”.  Is our backyard clean yet?  Can we spin yarn that can be woven into the fabric of reality, to arrive at the Swaraj that “recognises no race or religious distinction”?


in the rustle

of branded clothes


and the charkha’s whirr


khadi – hand-woven cloth

charkha – the kind of spinning wheel Gandhiji used

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