Tamil Brahmins

Their biggest enemies across the globe

Guess who are the biggest enemies of Tamil Brahmins? Is it DMK or any other political party? Or is it the principles of Periyar Ramaswamy? Any Tamil Brahmin worth his salt knows that a Tamil Brahmin’s biggest enemy is another Tamil Brahmin. There are very few Brahmins who will come forward to help other fellow Brahmins. No wonder Tamil Brahmins are considered far too self-centered, selfish, shrewd and cocky. Marriages outside the community are now becoming a norm. Indra Iyer from Chennai married a Muslim after she joined the corporate world armed with a degree from IIM. Eventually she became the CEO of a famous multinational corporation that operates globally.


Brahmins may be intelligent. They may occupy big positions in the corporate world. But ask them about their contribution to their community. There is bound to be a deafening silence.    


  1. One of my nieces told me that she prefers marrying someone who is emotionally strong and physically agile. He need not be a Brahmin. Brahmin boys (nicknamed curd rice) are considered to be mama’s boys.
  2. Today the number of educated Brahmin girls outnumbers Brahmin boys. There is a mismatch in the supply and demand in the marriage market.
  3. Most Brahmin boys – not to be left behind – marry Christians, Parsis, Muslims & other sub sects in Tamil Nadu. They consume liquor, smoke cigarettes and eat prawn curry and chicken. Sandhya Vandanam.. what is that… is their query?


Murali Somasundaram (not his real name) works in a start- up located on the outskirts of Chennai. His parents were shocked when he married a Nair girl (after living in with her for 18 months). Did they have any say in the matter? Today Murali is a chain smoker and he and his wife have joint drinking sessions every night. They party with friends every week. His wife is a modern woman – she loves a puff and enjoys a drink. A very contrasting image as compared to a traditional Bharatiya Naari or a Tamil Brahmin mami who fasts for her husband during Karadaiyan Nonbu and recites Lalita Sahasranamam. Both Murali and his wife Beena take home a package of Rs 3.75 lakhs per month.  Or take the case of Prof Bishnu. A Palghat Iyer he relishes shawarma.    


  1. The rot in the Tam Brahm community is due to the selfishness of Tam Brahms. Most of them believe in degrading themselves and the community. The “vadhyars” keep praying for people to die so that they can loot the affected – an affluent “vadhyar” makes around Rs 4-5 lakhs after a death in a Brahmin family.
  2. Even the temple priests lust only after money (not all of them though). When they have learnt the vedas and when they have entered the vocation with their eyes open, there is no point in lamenting about meagre incomes and comparing their financial status with the affluent in society.
  3. A recent research conducted in Chennai and Bangalore revealed that almost 40% Tamil Brahmin men consume liquor and non-vegetarian food – chicken, beef, mutton, fish, prawn etc. They pride themselves that they eat non-veg food. Their morning breakfast begins with an omelette and they enjoy having a bread toast with an omelette inside. Some Brahmin women working in software industry have started eating eggs. I am sure that in another 5  years they will start enjoying beef, fish, chicken and mutton.
  4. The decadence has already begun. I can already hear those bashing Tamil Brahmins chuckling at the state of affairs.
  5. As more and more Brahmin girls get attracted to men from other communities who are good looking and have a good physique, it is a mute-point whether there will be any girls left for Brahmin boys. Sreedhar Rajgopalan (not his real name) who runs a courier company in Mumbai could not find a bride. The Class XII drop out eventually married a Maharashtrian woman (from the koli community).  Pune-based Babu Sankar (not his real name) is 40 plus and unable to get a Brahmin girl. He got engaged twice but on both the occasions, the girls called off the wedding and married their sweet hearts (outside the community… one girl married a Bohra Muslim).
  6. A friend remarked that Tamil Brahmin girls have become way too arrogant after their education. Education should teach them humility – instead it has made them brash.
  7. So where do we go from here? Is there any hope at all? Can the Gurus/ Madathipathis please help the community?

More By  :  Vydehi Ramamirtham

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Comment An excellent and thought provoking take on Tambrahms, respected Vydehi Ramamirtham ji! Being a Tambrahm myself, I could totally relate to your article! Not the Gurus, not the Madadipathis, it is the Tambrahms themselves who need to look deep within and introspect on how to keep the community together. Above all, the line between Iyers and Iyengars needs to blur asap!

Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
27-Dec-2021 14:46 PM

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