On Sovereign state

Prof. Mahesh Nayak
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 It is not only insanity, but pretentious! 

Look at how evil nature is sprawling around
With loading humans from violence to spite reason.
Some people are not fit to be with us, 
As they have not grown socially! 
Jealousy is their birth content! 
Anger takes birth in the womb of wrath, 
Humans can neither break barriers at birth, 
For their decency of clamour. 
Good and innocents get insulted by the rage, 
From nothing but by the jealousy!
For oneself, so much perpetuation of animosity, 
Innocents are hurt, and blindly humanity surges,
Upon seeing the impetus acts for power,
Humanity drives away, 
Jealousy, coveted minded humans will take nothing but
Presumptuous role in life, obscurantism! 
Such people are not who can predict and abide by, but to repent for
All hunger and hatred cupidity in life! 

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Asim Biswas
05-Dec-2021 09:50 AM

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