Garbad Lal - The Savior

Mission 4 - The Mysterious Theft

This is a story about Garbad Lal - The Savior. He is our domestic helper. He helps Mom in the kitchen, Dad in his work and even plays with me. From childhood, he wanted to be a detective. In school and college, he thought he would solve every single problem but he wouldn't because he was very silly. But he always saves the day. We all joke and call him the saviour.
Once upon a time, I thought about making a group named “Super Six'' with my friends - Saanvi, Aadya, Pakhi, Angela and our sweet little puppy Bingo.
Garbad Lal pleaded and said, “Aanvi, can you please add me in your group?”
My friends thought, “Garbad is so silly, we should not add him in the group.”
Nevertheless, I said, “Okay Garbad, I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself. But there should be no silly mistakes.” 
After that, my friends went back to their homes as it was 8 pm. and then we ate dinner and slept.
The next day, when we got up, we found out that a thief had stolen our next-door neighbour’s car’s stereo! We were shocked and frightened!
Later in the day, the colony’s Residents Welfare Association (RWA)’s President called Dad and said, “Did you hear about the latest theft in the colony?”
“Yes, I heard” Dad said
I was standing near Dad and heard the whole conversation. I was waving at Dad, trying to attract his attention. But he did not understand what I was expressing so I whispered, “Dad, tell him that Super Six can solve the mystery and find this thief!”
After my whisper, Dad told the President  “My daughter has made a mystery-solving group with her friends and her dog called Super Six, they can solve this mystery and catch the culprit.”
After that, in the evening, at 5 PM, i.e. the time of the Super Six Meeting, we invited Garbad Lal. We also invited Dad because he had something to tell us. 
Then he told us about the theft. 
Garbad said, “Uncle I will leave the car windows open so that I can catch this thief if he comes to steal our car’s stereo too!”. 
After that, Dad said, “No Garbad, please don't do this! If you do so, he’ll take out the stereo very quickly and you won't be able to catch him!”                                                                                               
Then Garbad thought, "I am very very smart. I can solve this myself."
That night Garbad Lal left the car windows open, but as soon as the thief was about to touch the stereo, the thief got an electric shock because Garbad had put electrical current wires!
After that, the colony guards saw the thief in the car and thought, "What is happening? Who is this person lying unconscious in the Bamba’s car?"
Then they saw that it was the thief who stole the stereo of another person in the neighbourhood! They quickly caught him and rang our doorbell. 
We all came out as Garbad called out that the thief was caught stealing our car stereo. We all were glad that our new car’s stereo wasn't stolen, but unfortunately our car was full of mosquitoes! 
Garbad always does something silly but he saves the day.

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comment What a fun and interesting story from the Gadbad lal series.
really enjoyed reading it , you have a very creative mind.
Keep sharing such funny stories with your viewers.
I will be looking forward to the next one .

12-Jan-2022 07:31 AM

Comment Aanvi's article is very cute

10-Jan-2022 04:59 AM

Comment “What a nice article”

10-Jan-2022 04:58 AM

Comment Wow dear Aanu, you have written so beautifully Love Garbad Lal , Our so so very talented granddaughter we are extremely proud of you. Well done and I am sure after Enid Blytons Secret Seven Famous Five, we now will have Interesting mysteries solved by Super Six.

Junu Kapur
09-Jan-2022 07:48 AM

Comment The Garbad Lal stories are full of excitment, suspense and humor. The way you express your thoughts is so beautiful and keeps me captivated throughout the story.
My lil writer sis, your Garbad Lal stories are fun to read and I keep waiting to read more.
Keep writing and shining.

Paridhi Arora
06-Jan-2022 11:07 AM

Comment Dear Aanvi your Gadbad Lal write ups saves our day too. After a stressful day it's so refreshing to read your stories.

Keep up the good work.

Keep writing and sharing more such amazing stories.

Ekta Arora
06-Jan-2022 11:04 AM

Comment Keep it up Aanvi
I love your Garbad Lal episodes.

Rajender Krishan
05-Jan-2022 17:30 PM

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