How I Stopped My Masturbation Habit - Real Story

The second name of Masturbation is Death
Before I tell you how you can stop it?
Let me first tell you, why it is necessary to stop ðŸ›‘ it.
Whatever I am going to tell you, all are my personal experiences. I am telling you only because It is the need of this time.
There was a story of a policeman who masturbate by seeing a lady in the police station. Someone make a video of it and it goes viral.
So quieting Masturbation is not as easy as you think.
It requires dedication, patients, and spirituality. Only then it will be possible.
Let's start
With the Disadvantages of Masturbation
  1. There is guilt coming inside us just after losing sperm
  2. Our Nature became angry😡
  3. The shine has been removed one by one.
  4. Confidence down, can't talk with older people with eye contact.
  5. Start feeling weak
  6. Problems arise when you want a baby.
There are so many facts available which tell you, why you have to stop ðŸ›‘ it
There was a time when I was so much addicted to masturbation and sex.
But I know that I have to leave it, but whenever I tried, then I do it in a shorter period.
So, I make a list of why I have to leave it. And I added around 50 plus points.
After making why I have to leave it a list. I make another list that is based on when I am doing these things.
  1. when I am doing sex chat with my GF
2. After watching any bold scenes on social media
3. Before sleeping
4. Whenever I am alone at home
I make a list of all those timings whenever I do these things. And start finding solutions to all those
I started making distance from my Gf.
I start to subscribe only to digital marketing on all social media and for God related posts
I don't use my phone befo1-hour our sleeping
And started reading books at night.
Do meditation when I am alone in my home
Start reading Bhagavad Gita and pray to god that please help me to come out of all this bullshit.
And after some times magic happened to me
In the next two months, I have not done a single time
But but but….
I thought I win this, but one day when I am searching for anything on Instagram then suddenly I found one video that is pornography-related. I lose control of myself. And do again.
And after doing I realized that only for this cheap thing of 30 min I lose self-control on myself. That day I feel very guilty.
And that day was the last day of my masturbation.
Around 1.7 years passed away when I have done last masturbation.
But the story does not stop here.
One new triangle comes after stop doing masturbation.
And that one is nightfall.
Now, I am on the second stage, where I have to control nightfall.
When you stop doing masturbation for many days then it will start happening with you.
So, now I have to control it.
But when I ask it with any friend or someone else or on youtube, google then I found that everyone is saying, there is no way to control this.
When testoroil will go up then it will happen.
Even doctors are saying the same thing.
But, I am very irritated with this.
I have already taken a decision that I have to control, in any way.
I started self-observation on myself on that thing only.
And what I found is interesting.
I found that whenever I speak something wrong, like abusive words or seeing any girl in the wrong way or talking with my friends about any girl or think about my ex, or any sexual desire, or abusive language then only it happens with me.
So I start implementing, first I leave all the abusive languages because I am an engineer and you know very well if an engineer speaks any single line then abusive language comes up with a complimentary.
When I do this then it will take a long time to happens.
Because in mind surface there is base have made since last 23 years so that's it takes times.
After applying 6 months these things, I finally come out of this problem.
I don't like to talk about this also but for all of you, I have taken this step that will help you a lot.
Now approx 11 month's passed, I have never faced a nightfall problem. That's means I win this.
But this is a regular practice.
You have to control your mind, first start with the control of your eyes, ear, and hand then move on to the mind.
It's not easy, but it is possible.
If I can do it, you can do it too.
And the results you will get are priceless.
You will get peace, forget anger, getting love from everywhere.
If you see with love ðŸ’• , then the whole world ðŸŒŽ is your, love your self, love with God, love your parents, love with nature, love with everyone.
Love ðŸ’• you all
Edit : I get more than 100 messages to help him or her.
I am adding two more things if you are still not able to control it. I forget to add at that time.
Watch yourself on the time of doing msterbatiom or sex as a second person. - This will help you to quit masturbation or sex.
For Controlling sex desires and nightfall - sans ko ander kar ke jor jor se sans ko bahar chode.
This will help your sperm to move upper side instead of downside.
To Get Rid From This Addictive Behavior :

More By  :  Dr. Vipul Sharma

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