Garbad Lal - The Savior is Back!

Mission 5 - Fixing the Thieves

This is a story about Garbad Lal, The Saviour is Back. He is our domestic helper. He helps Mom in the kitchen, Dad and Grandpa in their work and even plays with me. From childhood, he wanted to be a detective. In school and college, he thought he would solve every single problem, but he wouldn't because he was very silly. But he always saves the day. We all joke and call him the saviour.

Once upon a time, our car broke down. Dad was very irritated as he only had 2 cars. So, he called a Mechanic, on the phone,

“Can you fix my car?”, said Dad “It’s not working since yesterday!”

“Okay, but it will take a day or 2 to fix it and you will have to stay here.” said the Mechanic

 “I have work to do so I will send my assistant”

Putting the phone on Mute, Dad asked me, "Do you think I should send Garbad Lal to the workshop?”

I replied, "Yes, Daddy. He does do silly things sometimes but, as we have seen before, he always saves the day. I think you may send Garbad there.”

The Mechanic on the phone said, “This will take 2 - 3 days. Today is Monday, tomorrow, on Tuesday, you can send your car to me. It will be fixed by Friday”

Afterwards, Dad told Garbad to go to the workshop and he agreed to do so.

The next day, Garbad Lal went to the workshop.

Garbad just sat on a chair and relaxed in the workshop.

The Manager, Mr Gupta asked Garbad,

“Can you please go into the customer's lounge. Our customers are not allowed here.”

Garbad thought,“Oh no, if I go to the customers lounge, which is far away from Uncle’s car, Uncle will punish me!”

So, he hid behind a car. The bulb was not working so he slapped and tapped the headlight. Alarms (of the car, not the workshop) started ringing. The car was parked near Mr. Gupta’s office so he ran out of his room and what a sight he saw! Garbad Lal was sitting beside the car and alarms were ringing.

Mr Gupta told Garbad Lal, "Please can you go into the customers lounge! You're not allowed in here."

Garbad pretended to go to the customers lounge, but after that he thought,

"If I go into the customers lounge, Uncle will scold me and if I stay in the workshop the Manager will scold me again. I know! I'll hide behind that oil container!

So, he hid behind the oil container. It accidentally fell and oil was scattered on the floor. Sadly, it was made of glass and 1 piece of glass was now 1 trillion pieces of glass. The Mechanic saw Garbad and the oil and told Mr Gupta what happened.

Mr Gupta said, " Go into the customers lounge immediately! This is the third time I am telling you! I've already told you 2 times! "

Garbad pretended to go to the customers lounge again, but the second Mr Gupta went into his office, Garbad Lal quickly ran back inside Dad's car and hid there.

He thought, "If I go outside Mr Gupta will see me so this is a great place to hide"

When they had to lift the car up from the car lift, Garbad was sitting in the car, not knowing it was being lifted. After that, when they had to bring the car back on the surface, the car lift was not working! Later, at 7 pm
(Aka the time the workshop closes) they locked the doors and poor Garbad Lal was sitting, all alone, in the car, on the top of the car lift, feeling really scared. He glanced at his watch. It was 10:30 so he slept.

After an hour or two, he heard some strange noises. Garbad peeked out of the window and he saw 3 people, who he thought were thieves. He did not know what to do so he started barking like dogs “Woof, woof, woof” and the thieves got frightened and ran away. He never told anyone he had done this because he thought everyone would think he is very silly and Mr Gupta would scold him for hiding in the car.

He couldn’t sleep the whole night because he kept thinking about the 3 thieves. The next morning, the mechanic saw the car on the car lift and brought it down.

Garbad saw Mr Gupta coming so he had to find a place to hide. So, he hid in a service pit. And, at that time, a car came and covered the pit.  It was pitch dark inside and he hadn’t got a torch. He was very sleepy as he had not slept the night before, so he fell asleep in the pit. When the workshop closed, he saw 3 torchlights. He thought it was the 3 thieves again. He searched his pockets for his mobile phone. The battery was 0 %, so he could not call the police. Luckily, he remembered that by slapping and tapping the headlights of a car, alarms would ring. So he slapped and tapped the light of our car and alarms rang.

Thankfully, the Police Station was near the workshop. The policemen heard the alarms and ran to the workshop to check what was going on.

 They saw 3 thieves and caught them. Neighbours woke up because of the loud alarms.

The neighbours then told the mechanics, and they were surprised!

It was Thursday morning. Dad came to the workshop to check if his car was getting fixed or not. To his surprise, not only was his car ready before time, but it was also polished, cleaned and shining inside and out

After that, Dad went to Mr Gupta and asked, “Why haven't you charged me for the polishing?”

Then the Manager told Dad about the incident that occurred the night before.

Later, when Garbad found out that the news had spread, he was disappointed. He thought–

“Now everybody will make fun of me of sleeping in that service pit”

But, to his surprise, the opposite happened! Everyone was glad that Garbad caught the thieves. Especially Dad.

He said, “Aana was right. Garbad, you always do something silly, but you always save the day”

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