ToaoTi Advaita

Sincere and scientific study of God can take us to only one conclusion, ie. there is no God. All the theories and stories about God in various religions are just mythology and fiction. Billions of dollars are circulated every year in the name of God. Thousands of people are killed every year in the name of God. Millions are tortured mentally and physically in the name of God. For many the veil of religion is a birth trap from which they can never escape. But the clergy in all religions are enjoying a good time in the name of a non-existent God.
Almost all the brilliant genuine scientists have already concluded on one thing – that there is no separate entity called God, and all that exists is an all-encompassing energy that has its own independent logic. Part of this energy is within each one of us. It is there everywhere, in all living and non-living objects. It is a silent presence that is aware of everything. Those who tell us that God is logging the activities of each of us for reward and punishment are lying. The brilliant among them knows the truth. Yet they would like to deceive and maintain their control over others.
Hindu Sanatana Dharma is the ONLY religious path that has openly acknowledged this truth. Though it has accommodated variants in the form of dvaita and visishta-advaita in its fold, the one that ultimately prevailed is Advaita. In simple terms, Advaita means that there is no God other than you and me. God is a part of us and we are part of the so-called God. It is everywhere, yet not bothered about anyone other than as part of the overall logic of the universe. Physiologically it is embedded in all our cells and psychologically it is our consciousness.
The one and only Truth is (ToaoTi) Advaita is the only conclusion that is possible. I wonder why our scientists are not telling this loud and clear to the whole world. That is the only way to throw out the two false religions and establish a peaceful world of truthful rationality. 
Isn't the civilised world fed up with evangelism and jihadism?

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Comment Dear Shri Ajith Kumar, OK, there is no God. But, how shall one conduct oneself on a daily basis? Remember that Hindi song: " Bure kaam kaa buraa natijaa ...". Ethics, morality all gets entwined with religion. Religion is looking up to some force .... Believing, if I do good good will accrue to me. Similarly bad will beget bad. But, how does it happen? If religion has killed people, science to has killed people. What about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There was no religion there. If one reads the old testament, Jews killed millions with impunity. So, if somebody looks at misdeeds of Hitler as a visitation of the the acts of Jews during biblical times, what would one answer? Religion is a practical concept of social men. Science too is man's systematic attempt to unravel truth. Religion too is an attempt to understand birth, death and the intermediate activities of individual man in society, the goodness and the bad in human beings. Different geographic groups formulated their own mumbo jumbo in the process. What can man do? Whatever grey matter of human being could perceive, societies formulated. It will be good for humankind not to confront religion and science. Whatever man comprehends should be recorded otherwise we shall go on reinventing wheels. There should not be any confrontation between Religion and Science.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
01-Jul-2014 05:57 AM

Comment Religion, the way it has been and is propogated globally is just another good old business like prostitution.  Mis-representation of the scriptures and induction of doubt and fear are the only means for the so called pandits, mullahs or padries to increase the quantity of their flock. Then by becoming an agent between the so called God and the common man they seek and get donations, funds.  The idea simply for these institutionalised or individual priests is to become prosperous and economically successful while the gullible ignorant masses continue to be scared.  Same idea has been adopted even by semi political outfits whose activities only boil down to loot and arson. 

The solution to this mess lies in the illiterate and poverty ridden masses to get educated and understand the basics of life and more importantly population control.

Roy D'Costa
14-May-2010 07:51 AM

Comment Those who believe in the existence of God generally argue in a circle, best example is Descartes. In the light of our scientific knowledge it is impossible to believe in  a God in the traditional sense. But to say Advaita philosophy offers a rational answer is one thing but to say it is the only answer is something different. Your passionate support for Advaita is appreciated, but it smacks of a kind of fanaticism which is a great curse. Here is a Tagore poem, already published in boloji, on the subject which appears to me to be the real way to get rid of this curse.



Who is obsessed by religion

He is blind

He only kills and gets killed.

Even an atheist is blessed

Because he doesn’t have the vanity of any faith.

Humbly he lights up his reason

Defies the authority of scriptures

And seeks only the good of men.


He who kills as infidels

The followers of other faiths

Dishonours his own faith

He kills the son in the name of the father

Busy only with the rituals

He loses his reason

He hoists a blood-stained flag in his temple

In the name of God

He worships the Devil.


Those who have retained in their creed

The shame of ages, the cruelties and barbarities

With those rubbish

They are building their own prison –

I hear a bugle is blowing

The bugle of universal doom

With his scythe the god of destruction is coming.


Planting him as a stake who comes to liberate

Putting him up like a dividing wall who comes to unite

Flooding the world with poison in his name

Who brings love from a divine source –

They drown sailing in a boat they themselves have scuttled

Yet they blame someone else!


I invoke you O you the supreme judge

Please come to end this degeneration of religion

Save those who are deluded by their faith.

Your altar they have flooded with blood

Please completely break it

Hurl your thunder at the prison walls of faiths

And bring to this cursed land

The light of reason.

Transcreation of the poem – Dharmamoha – from the collection Parisheshby Rabindranath Tagore.





Kumud Biswas
12-May-2010 21:47 PM

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