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A Fool's Guide to Islamic Terrorism
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I always took lukewarm interest in matters related with terrorism – Islamic or otherwise. The sudden spike in my curiosity is the outcome of reading news about massacre perpetrated on the innocent Ahmedis and Sufi Muslims in the Islamic state of Pakistan. Muslims killing Muslims why? – was my immediate reaction. That too, inside their own mosques? On scratching the surface I had to swallow -- to my horror -- Ahmedis and Sufis are not Muslim, in the eyes of some ‘genuine’ Muslims. Ahmedis are officially declared a minority community in Pakistan.  My naiveté may drag me to the trap of ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’. I may be forgiven, if I am deep inside the pitfall.  Misrepresentation, if any, is not intended.

I scraped further to find 73 different sects of Muslims in the subcontinent. Each one believes the others are straying from the true path. Looking from the puritanical view point there is hardly any scope for moderation, or innovation. Every slight deviation towards liberalism or modernism may be interpreted as heretical. Sharp conflicts exist among Barelvis, Deobandis and others. I found comments of some Muslims branding Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of Aligarh Muslim University, not a ‘real’ Muslim. In the same light, axe may fall upon many other eminent, enlightened, and modern Muslims.  Allah has given the words – suras and verses – interpretation and implementation of those words rest with the individual group – covering a wide spectrum of differing opinions. So long tolerance between the sects is maintained, there is no problem. But there is radical instinct in many sects. Mullahs of these sects – if not all -- are not exposed to any modern or moderate views. Basically, they are impervious to any such ‘corrupting’ ideas. They believe, it is the latest and the last religion sent by Allah for all mankind. Islam is the only religion destined to be the ‘world religion’, and it must occupy its legitimate place. It is they who instigate the young minds to fight with evil forces impeding Islam.  It is the sacred duty of a true Muslim to strive – that is ‘jihad’ – for promoting real version of Islam throughout the world.  Herein, lies the crux of the problem. We fail to find the true spirit of ‘jihad’ from their point of view. 

Pakistan cultivated terrorists for fighting in Kashmir and Afghanistan.  They have sown the wind and now reaping the whirlwind. It is a thorny issue and cannot be dispensed with too briefly.

I quote the following lines of a Pakistani journalist to buttress my view point. Quote” There is no doubt that Pakistan is the main manufactory of jihadists of all kinds. From the very beginning the people here have been subjected to one idiom, Islam. They have heard no other idiom or idea from anyone else. Islam’s egalitarian creed is over-hyped; in a true Islamic state no one will go sleep hungry or remain ill without medication. Therefore, fight for an Islamic dispensation is a must and jihad is a duty. If you return you are a Ghazi; will have your family’s needs looked after; and you will have received some money. But if you die, you will be a shaheed; you will go straight to heaven where many houris will be waiting for you; you will remain young for ever while ambience will be truly permissive; you will eat what you wish and there will be plenty of everything; you have merely to wish and the thing will be there. Poor semi starved young lads, with nothing to do, become attracted to jihad for such benefits. It is not only that some mullahs preach this. This is believed about Heaven in all sects and sub-sects everywhere. Since there are no other preachers of other ideologies, Islamic militancy-preaching mullahs become leaders of jihad movement virtually by default.” Unquote. (Pakistan at Knife’s Edge By M.B. Naqvi, Roly Books, New Delhi 2010. pp 220-221).

Here, I beg to differ with Mr. Naqvi. Why only ‘semi starved lads, with nothing to do, should become attracted to jihad for such benefits’? The lure of the Heaven is so great every young man, if convinced, should opt for becoming a shaheed at the next possible opportunity. It relieves him from the grueling hard work for cut-throat competition for attaining a life of fabulous luxury and comfort. He will remain forever young surrounded by beautiful ‘houris’ in a permissive ambience. And he will eat and get whatever he wishes. Is it not enough for any young man to die for? The minimum requirement is to overcome the fear of death. It is the duty of the mullah to indoctrinate the pliant minds and at the same time ensure his own place in that heaven. The depth of conditioning displays in the determination of Kasabs and Shazads, who never show any remorse for whatever they have done and always ready to repeat the same if they get another chance. This explains why educated and well-offs also get equally attracted to the notion – not, only the semi starved lads as Naqvi wrote. They need only to come in contact with right mullah at right time.

In my opinion the most potent factor, is the strong urge to establish the rule of Allah and the reward of fulfillment of ultimate luxury of life. And there will always be some mullahs in some sects to preach this to the youths or other aspirants. None is ready to pay attention to this point; it is always glossed over for unknown reason. There is no need to demonize Prof. Huntington and get distracted by his theory of ‘Clash of Civilizations’. The primal germ of clash exists within the civilization – the starkest fact we can only miss at our peril.

The biggest question now is: can we avoid or avert it? It seems to be an absolute infallibility. How can we eliminate the idea of Islam as the latest and final religion and the associated concept of fabulous heaven? These are the concepts the mullahs will be exploiting from time to time. So, brace up to face scourges of terrorism periodically – within Islamic states or without – till the Day of Final Judgement.       

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Mr.B.S. Murthy thank you so much for appreciating my views. After reading the Koran I.m not able to consider Islam is a religion of peace. I think Islamic terrorism can never be eradicated as many leaders claim to do so.
I'll like yo go through your articles. I'm a 'buddhu', you have to guide how to reach to your articles.

N. MUtsuddi
09/12/2021 07:41 AM

Comment Very good analysis about the conventional jihadi incentives, and to understand how even the unconventional Muslim youth (such as the 9/11 gang) can be metamorphosed into martyr missiles, one may read the chapters, 'Anatomy of Islam" and "Ways of the Bigots" of my book, "Puppets of Faith:Theory of Communal Strife" in this site

BS Murthy
09/11/2021 13:32 PM


Religious Obsession 
Who is obsessed by religion
He is blind
He only kills and gets killed.
Even an atheist is blessed
Because he doesn’t have the vanity of any faith.
Humbly he lights up his reason
Defies the authority of scriptures
And seeks only the good of men.

He who kills as infidels
The followers of other faiths
Dishonours his own faith
He kills the son in the name of the father
Busy only with the rituals
He loses his reason
He hoists a blood-stained flag in his temple
In the name of God
He worships the Devil.

Those who have retained in their creed
The shame of ages, the cruelties and barbarities
With those rubbish
They are building their own prison –
I hear a bugle is blowing
The bugle of universal doom
With his scythe the god of destruction is coming.

Planting him as a stake who comes to liberate
Putting him up like a dividing wall who comes to unite
Flooding the world with poison in his name
Who brings love from a divine source –
They drown sailing in a boat they themselves have scuttled
Yet they blame someone else!

I invoke you O you the supreme judge
Please come to end this degeneration of religion
Save those who are deluded by their faith.
Your altar they have flooded with blood
Please completely smash it
Hurl your thunder at the prison walls of faiths
And bring to this cursed land
The light of reason.

Dharmamoha  from the collection Parishesh  by Rabindranath Tagore. 

07/28/2012 09:14 AM

Mr. RDA,

We -- me & you --  are probably biased against Islam -- not able to find good points in it. And my perception is that those who liked reading or following scriptures of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism and Shikhism might not like reading Koran in good perspective. The difference is huge. How and why we are missing the point is not understood by me. After all, Islam is considered to be the fastest growing religion today. I read one Jewish lady after reading the Koran first time, converted to Islam almost immediately. One BJP leader, from India,   told me there are many Brahmins in India getting converted to Islam from time to time. The great Indian icon A.R.Rahman's father was a Brahmin. What are the salient points we are missing I don't know. But, I am convinced that there will always be conflict among different sects of Islam itself, which cannot be avoided. 


11/04/2011 09:45 AM

Comment Islam and in fact all the religions in the world have been misinterpreted by the religious leaders themselves for their selfish reasons in the past and now we have reached a stage that even most of the leaders of today themselves are not aware of the true meanings of their own religions.  Everyone is just following the rituals without understanding the reason and meaning behind them.  We are not open to understanding or exploring any other meaning of religious teachings except that being told by the leaders.  The need is to understand the meaning of the teachings and reasons behind each ritual and practice.  If the religious leaders preach the actual meanings without any manipulation we will find that most of the religions in the world are very meaningful and preach equality and peace.   Islam is a very beautiful religion but misinterpreted and misunderstood. 

vijay khurana
11/03/2011 14:37 PM

Comment It shows you are welll-versed in spirituality in general and  Islam in particular .My knowledge is shallow in both - I must confess. My curiosity arose why conflict exist among Muslim communities on religious ground -- leaving aside the conflicts between the believers and 'kafirs'. And my findings -- howsoever superficial it may  be --  indicate that there will always be some grounds  for conflict within the same community -- based on the differences of interpretation of the same Holy Book by different sects. That is the main point. Many times it seems the Talibans are right in the true spirit of Islam. Regarding 'truth'  I learnt from islamonline.com that Islamic tenets are irrefutably true. So, question of mendacity doesn't arise. However, it can be dispensed with --being a subjective perception. Yes, the greatest attraction for ordinary mortels is the Islamic heaven after death -- within easy reach of every suicide bombers . There is no restraint  to the pursuit of unlimited  hedonistic pleasures.  Thanks for your erudite discussion.

07/24/2010 08:55 AM

Comment Islam is a religion of pure mendacity - right from its origins - at least,  from a Christian perspective.  Mendacity is the not directly lying, its own word, but lying under the appearance of truth.  From the start,  Islam is given all manner of credence to intelligent people, the medium of angel Gabriel included.  But Christ is honoured as a prophet, and is not divine - the core of its mendacity.  Mendacity, the appearance of truth, but no truth, is subsequently manifested  in all the ways of Islam - the religion of peace: manifestly, not a religion of peace, but yet so.  And when criticised for its internal doctrinal conflicts being resolved  by violent acts of intended mutual annihilation of each following, Sunni and Shia, it glibly points to Christianity and its divisions, as if in justification.  If it uses suicide bombers, look at the IRA, they were Roman Catholics.  The core manifestation of its mendacity, I repeat,  is denial of the divinity of Christ, and in this it proves itself as a religion of zero spirituality:  the reward of the follower of Christ, who considered impure thoughts were as sinful as the acts, is a sharing in the spiritual life of Christ, holy, eternal.  Islam proves itself as base as corruptible nature, concocting fleshly pleasures as a reward after death, when all appetitial urges, particularly that of sex, are related to the biological sphere of life and reproduction, terminated at death, and have no relevance in heaven, where they are, if anything the torment of the damned, who have no context for sensual pleasure.  The destiny of  man, if we are to talk of life after death, is spiritual, and the reward for a good life, by the grace of God, is God, in truth and holiness.

07/22/2010 08:52 AM

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