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New items trigger a lot of emotions and leave much food for thought.  A recent one is about a girl who lives in a 3 bedroom house. She uses two rooms for herself – her office and bedroom while the third bedroom is exclusively for her pet dogs and cats.

Contrastingly, the other one on Twitter won hearts for the man who booked Business Class tickets for his parents in India to travel to the US.

These two news items brought in a string of emotions. Agreed that  parents are not to feel ‘entitled’ to be looked after by their wards in return for fostering them in childhood, for when children have been brought in, it is the duty of the parents to provide and educate.

Nevertheless, the call of duty cannot be overlooked. Domestic pets are for one’s self-gratification, offering a home to someone in need,  especially a parent tantamounts to manna from heaven.

Sensitivity, sensibility, and Sharing go a long way in strengthening human bonds. Selfishness and Self-centeredness brings in loneliness and depression.

Preference for animals over Men (parents) - the choice rests with every individual.


(First published in TImes of India Readers' Blog)

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