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Kitchen Economics , Gas vs. Induction Cooktops
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This is in continuation of my recent article on coking appliances

( The article didn’t touch upon the economics and the same will e addressed now.

 LPG has a calorific value of 55 mJ per kG. A normal cooking gas cylinder having 14.2 kG of LPG has a heat content of 780 mJ. This is equivalent to 217 kWH (units). Currently we are paying about 1100 per cylinder. So, we are paying a little more than five rupees per unit. This is comparable to the energy charges that we pay to the government.



 Let us consider the energy efficiency aspect. Gas cooktops have an efficiency of about 40 per cent. The induction cooktops, on the other hand, have efficiencies as high as 85 per cent.



 Therefore, we can say that gas cooking is about twice as costly when compared with induction cooking.

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