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The School Diaries is a new series I made to share my adventures which I have in school by writing blogs. I actually thought of making it in 2020 - 2 yrs ago - but then there was COVID 19 so the school was online.

Now that schools have opened offline, I thought "Let me write The School Diaries now, which I thought about 2 years ago!" So here it is, on your laptop right now!

The Super Six is a mystery-solving group I made with 5 of my friends- Kartikey, Viaan, Ashima, Pakhi and Aaradhya. But in this story, it’s called the Super Seven. Read it to see why -


Aanvi Bamba
V- F

Chapter 1 - Settling Down

We had a school trip in Goa from 1st October to 7th October.

When we arrived, we stayed in an amazing hotel.

Our room no was 217

At the reception, we found a kind and nice woman. She said her name was Maria Fernandes. She was really kind as she gave us free tickets to the play zone. She also gave us some tasty cookies. Mmm!

It was an amazing room. It had 3 bunk beds, so we decided on our places with rock-paper-scissors. The result came out like this- one for Kartikey at the top and me at the bottom, Aaradhya at the top and Ashima at the bottom, Pakhi at the bottom and Viaan at the top.

It also had a little dining table with 6 chairs and a living room with 3 sofas. It was made for the Super Six!


Chapter 2 - Making A New Friend

Super Six also made a new friend.

She said when we first met, "Hi, I'm Isabella Fernandes. I live there in one of those bungalows. My mom works here. Call me Izzy. And you are?"

I replied "Oh! You're Mrs Fernandes’ daughter! Oh, we met her at the reception! We're the Super Six " I gave Isabella a handshake and told her all about it.

"It is a mystery solving group I made with my friends Aanvi, Pakhi, Ashima, Aaradhya and Viaan" said my friend Kartikey

"Now, let's make it Super Seven!" said Aaradhya

"But why?" asked Ashima and Viaan together

"Because we have a new member amongst us today, did you forget? replied Kartikey.

"Isabella of course!" I pointed out

Izzy said " Call me Izzy! Isabella's too long!"

"Fine" chorused the Super Six sadly

Then we heard a voice from a speaker saying " Mr. Amit K. Gupta's baggage has been lost. Please see if it has been misplaced in any room accidentally. Thank you."

"Oh! That's Uncle Amit!" pointed out Izzy

"Who's he ? " asked Viaan and I

"He’s my neighbour! I am in 28 and he is in 29" replied Izzy " He actually lives in Delhi, but he is here to stay for a few months. He came on 30th September i.e. Yesterday and will leave on 31st December."

"Where do you live in that township? " asked Viaan and Kartikey together, " Sunflower, Rose, Daisy, Tulip or Petunia?"

"Daisy Bungalows. I'm in D28 and Uncle Amit is D29" said Isabella

"Ha ha ha! D for Delhi, D for Daisy! Let's go to D29 and ask Uncle Amit a few questions" said Viaan who normally asked all the questions

"It is dinner time now and it is 8 pm. We'll go tomorrow" said Izzy

"Yes" replied the Super Seven together

"I'll stay here tomorrow and find some info on the internet. Just email Aaradhya or me with the flight details after you ask him. Until then I'll see the hotel's website. " I said,who was the technical one; "One of you can take an iPad and email the details"

"So, Aanvi and I will stay here tomorrow and Viaan, Pakhi, Ashima, Izzy and Kartikey will go to D29. Pakhi will take her iPad and Ashima will email me. Fine?" asked Aaradhya

The Super Seven said yes.

Chapter 3 - Going to D29

Izzy knocked on the door of D29. A tall man came out. He looked around 6 - 6.5 feet tall.

He said" Hello, dear Isabella. Who are your friends here today?"

Izzy said " This is Pakhi, Ashima, Viaan and that is Kartikey" pointing to each one of us. "They have made a mystery solving group so we came here to solve the mystery of your suitcases."

"But now we have Izzy in our group today too," said Viaan.

"Mr Gupta, can you tell us your flight details so we can email them to Aaradhya and Aanvi, who are in the hotel room right now. They'll see if the baggage was there only. Can we call you Uncle Amit? " asked Ashima

"Yes, you can call me that. My airline is called Goan Airlines, my seat no. was 13B and plane no. UL987." Uncle Amit replied

"Thank you so much!" replied Pakhi

Until then Ashima sent the mail to me.


"Aanvi, his airline was Goan Airlines, aeroplane no. UL 987 and seat 13 B." said Aaradhya

"I found it! Call Pakhi quickly! His suitcases are still left on the plane! " I screamed

She called Pakhi as fast as I could.

Chapter 4 - A Big Problem

"What happened, Aanvi? " asked Ashima

"I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I can see that UL 987 was on 30th September, as Izzy told us. It is written below -


The bad news is today is 2nd October. It was yesterday! " said I

"Look at the website to see if it had been postponed to some other date" said Kartikey, tilting the iPad camera to himself.

"Amazing idea Kartikey! Yippie! It is postponed to tomorrow. Tell Uncle Amit to redeem his baggage now before he misses it! " I Screamed in joy.

Chapter 5 - Victory For The Super Six

"Uncle Amit, your suitcases are still left in the plane!" screamed Viaan

"Aanvi says you should redeem them now before it’s too late."

"The plane is still there at the airport. It is now flight no. UL 456 but they took the suitcases to the Lost & Found." said Ashima

The 5 of them ran to the airport because it was not more than 1 km. Uncle Amit was a fast runner because he was also a PE teacher once.

They went to the Lost & Found and got the baggage.

"Thank you so much, kids!" said Uncle Amit

It was a miraculous adventure and we, the Super Six, hope there are more mysteries like this

Wait for more mysteries of The School Diaries! Until then read some Garbad Lal stories :-

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