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What I Want To Be
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I was getting bored, watching TV,
Till, from the door, I saw Mummy

She asked, "What do you want to be?"
I replied, "I haven't thought yet, Mommy"

She said, "Think about it!"
Thinking, I said, "I could be an artist."

"I could be an architect and design homes,
Or I could be a detective like Sherlock Holmes"

"I could be a baker and bake cakes and breads
Or I could be a bed-maker and make beds"

"I could be a weaver and make mats,
Or I could be a scientist and experiment on rats"

"I could be a doctor and treat people who aren't well
Or I could be a factory-worker and make things to buy and sell"

"I could be a policewoman and keep the law
Or I could be a carpenter and work with a saw"

"An astronaut in the outer space,
A keeper in a zoo,
I could be anything in the world,
There's something surely out there I can do  "

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Comments on this Blog

Comment What a beautiful and interesting read Aanvi .Each story is better than the other.
Keep writing you may one day become a world famous book writer .
So proud of you !

Nandita Bhatia
11/06/2022 07:54 AM

Comment Such a beautiful thought dear Aanvi. Love every bite of it. Keep sharing more and more of your thoughts.

Ekta Arora
11/06/2022 01:57 AM

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