Anybody after My Scalp?

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
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A few years ago Amir Aslani was hanged in Iran for the crime of expressing doubt how the Prophet Jonah could survive for three days in the stomach of a big fish.

I’m going to commit a similar crime for doubting how Dronacharya could take birth from male sperm only.

In 2011 the Supreme Court passed a remark that ‘Dronachrya’s act was shameful’. Due to miss delivery of emails I came to know of it only now. It attracted 133 responses.

Only three meek whispers were in support of the S.C. and the rest vigorously lambasted the judges for exceeding their limits instead of minding their own business. A few of them charged Ekalavya for stealing the secrets of archery from Dronacharya and making a statue of him without permission and so on.

A few top Indian pseudo scientists took pride in claiming Dronachrya was the first test-tube baby in the world. He had his training institute at Gurugram, in Haryana near Delhi. He was considered the best teacher. Govt. of India instituted Dronachrya Award for excellence in sports. So, he was a real figure.

Now, look at the story of his birth.

One day Rishi Bharadwaj went to the river for his usual morning ablution. He saw Ghritachi, an Aspara (beautiful woman) there. By seeing her he was so highly excited sexually that he ejaculated instantly. He collected the semen in a ‘pot’ (drono). Dronacharya was born out of the collected semen in a pot.

It aroused some doubts in my lazy mind. Please keep your emotions on leash and don’t get enraged.

1.Our much venerated Rishis (Sages) were ignorant of the woman’s role in procreation. They considered a woman's womb as nothing but a receptacle for safe-keeping of male sperm.

2.Even in modern production of ‘test-tube’ babies (IVF) needs a female egg. Was the production of babies from ‘male sperm only’ the most advanced Indian technique?

3.Or was the prevalent notion of Drono’s birth a figment of poetic imagination? The real story was not disclosed.

Aslani was 37, had a future and hope. I’m only 93 with no future and no hope. I’m ready for any punishment.

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