PCOS And Body Hair STORY

PCOS And Body Hair STORY :
Little girls seeing women who don't conform is essential. Existing and being seen in your natural state, without shaving, without make up, and wearing comfortable, functional clothing IS feminist activism.
I grew up feeling like a freak because of my body hair. Since finding radical feminism, I've seen such a range of different amounts, thicknesses, and colors of body hair on women. Even now, I struggle with the urge to shave my arms and have to hype myself up to wear clothing that shows my hairy legs, but knowing that there's so much healthy variation, that there are women who look like me celebrating themselves, has helped so much.
Seeing hairy women in my day to day life growing up would have made such a difference in my self esteem. I try to remind myself of that. If one little girl (or woman) sees my leg hair and realizes that there's no right way to be a woman, that you don't have to fall in line, all the stares and glares are worth it.
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