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People with low self-esteem rarely achieve their potential. They won't take necessary risks, they wallow in self-blame, they can't trust others, and they remain in the background when they are needed up front. Can you elevate your self-worth?

Of course, you can!

1. Get angry enough to do what it takes to reverse the losses you suffer as a result of your low self-regard. Don't tolerate another awful day of the status quo.

2. If you hold deep-seated spiritual beliefs, fall back on them. Many religions provide believers with an inner power that builds self-esteem.

3. Write down one personal development goal. As the beginning of each day ask yourse lf, "what will I do to work on one of my goals today?" Let the pursuit and the achievement of these goals lift your self-concept.

4. Answer these questions honetstly:
What life experiences have led you to devalue yourself?
What price do you pay for feeling the way you do--how much does it hold you back?
Are you angry enough about what is going on to want to make a change?
What's your plan?
When will you start to improve your self-esteem?

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