Sparsh the Prankster- A Short Story

Once, there was an 11-year-old boy named Sparsh. He lived with his parents and his sister Rina and her twin, Tina. His mom and dad scolded him a lot, as he loved to trick people. His dad was a policeman, who’d stay at the station all day, and his sisters were at college all day. So, his mom had to listen to all the complaints. He went to school and missed almost every English class. His teacher, Mr. Sharma, never scolded him. At the day of the examination, he’d get 0%. Here’s a glimpse of a question written in a very bad handwriting – 

Q) Write a story on an experience with your best friends. 

A) i and friend goto park. We hurt and fall. End the.

What a mistake! And he always wanted to prank his parents by swapping his sisters. But Rina and Tina wouldn’t let him. He always pranked the French mistress, Mademoiselle Ravies, by putting a spider or an ant in her tea!

Once, he went too far. Sparsh put a medicine which should only be used in an emergency, in their Math teacher, Ms. Garg’s coffee. He told his friends Meena, and Rahul about it. “You’ll get scolded.” said Meena. Rahul said, “Yes. We are not doing this with you”. So, Sparsh did it alone.

Poor Ms. Garg was ill. Ms. Das, the principal, got to know about it. “Good morning, Sparsh. Sit down. I have heard complaints about you. You have detention.” said Miss Das. “What is that?” asked Sparsh. Miss Das replied, “You will sit alone in the room quietly. I must come to school tomorrow because of you. Bring some food.”

The next day...

 “Mom, we have a party tomorrow. Make me pasta and pizza.” Sparsh ordered his mom.

He went to school the next day and brought a video game and played the whole day. He got a huge pizza for the teachers, but secretly put spicy sauce and olives on it. Miss Das ate it and fell ill as she was allergic. Mr. Sharma said, “You are suspended for a week.”

“Yay!” screamed Sparsh. “I have a holiday!” He packed his bag and ran home.

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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