Salvage your Childhood

I couldn't die yet despite my overdue expiry date.  So, I came back. I find most of you lost childhood buried deep under the debris of adult worries and not at all aware of it. If you desire, I vow to salvage your childhood on one condition: you have to stretch your imagination beyond the last horizon of the universe. Never mortgage your imagination to any Wall Street broker. Keep your past practice of understanding, reasoning power, logic, beliefs etc. under lock-and-key in a chest made of the strongest material - Camphor. Within a couple of days you will find all your past belief systems cleanly evaporated without your knowledge leaving an immense expanse of mind of absolute vacuum. Now read on.

The Sun was born three trillion celestial years ago. Since birth he hasn't had any rest. Only once, while moving to the East he halted for a tiny fraction of a microsecond on the tip of the North Pole and felt drowsy. When he woke up, in his hurry to be on time over Japan at 00 hours Celestial Standard Time, his key fell down at the North Pole.

The key germinated into a giant tree without any leaves or flowers. The sole Penguin, Anda-Panda by name, living in the North Pole guessed it as the direct impact of climate change and thought it prudent to transplant the tree in the South Pole with the hope that it might grow leaves and flowers there as the South Pole is believed to be not so much affected by climate change. So Anda Panda uprooted the giant tree and flew over Africa at the speed faster than any man-made aircraft. In the middle of Africa, he took a rest and fell asleep for a full one year. And the tree transformed into thousands of pineapple plants. The fragrance of giant pineapples spread far and wide. All the elephants of Africa came rushing and drank all the juice of pineapples. And the land turned into a big desert. This is what you call the Sahara Desert today.
This is a very authentic story. The more such genuine stories you will read, the faster will be the rate of recovery of your childhood. One hundred per cent guaranteed.

More By  :  Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

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Comment I'm so grateful to you for appreciating an old brain's funny side. It made me feel younger by at least a decade.

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
28-Mar-2023 06:32 AM

Comment A delightful tale. Hope you will bring us more such stories to brighten us and take us into different lands of wonder. Thank you

27-Mar-2023 21:01 PM

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