International Day of Families

Its good to have a positive attitude,
And show some gratitude.

I went home to say,
"Mum I wanna say something today.

Please make me some noodles."
Despite all the hurdles,

She went my way and,
Cooked them as I say. 

My siblings came, turned on the fan,
While my mum cooked on the pan.

I played with my big sibling,
Who treats me like a duckling.

Then came home, a jolly man,
Who can do ANYTHING (yes, he can!)

We call him 'DAD' and I helped him work,
& it was a hidden perk.

As family is our first friend,
let's love them & blend.

We should thank them,
They do so much.
Amazing, aren't they?
A wonderful bunch!

More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comment Aana.. my lil sweetie pie you're are just amazing!...
This poem is a melody of words, woven in a beautiful way.
Keep writing and shining.

Paridhi Arora
26-May-2023 11:36 AM

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