Beyond Haven

Travelling around the world,
sounds a little easy-peasy.
But after long journeys, 
you may feel a bit weasy.

What if there was one place, 
where this world could be seen.
And the places with such serene peace, 
where you've never ever been.

Just lie on your couch,
and grab your best friend.
Intrigue your unique mind in it,
forget all your errands.

You can read about the Taj,
or the Britishers' Raj.

What's good to do in Sydney, 
and what's bad for kidneys.

Read about the Eiffel,
or how to make a trifle

It's true, these books are your friends,
help you keep up on the latest trends.


But, the best thing to do it to feel,
your ride on a Ferris Wheel.

Feel the breeze on your face,
when you run in the woods at your pace.

Smell the flowers in a botanical garden,
if you miss this excitement, there's no pardon!

Listen to nature's rhythmic beats,
look at acrobats' amazing feats.

If you just take a car ride to the mall,
open the windows and enjoy the wind of the fall.

Look for shells on the beach,
all these places are within your reach


Experience is the one that speaks,
the laughter, the joy and the shrieks.

The happiness it yields,
when you kick a ball in the fields

Books can tell us what to do,
but the real recipe is to feel, it's true!

Cozy places are good and fun, 
Sitting on a couch or in the sun.

But, my friends, get out of your bed,
because the outdoors await for you to tread.



More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comments on this Blog

Comment Thank you everyone!

27-Jan-2024 06:12 AM

Comment Aana, it is absolutely amazing. Each of your write ups just brings a big smile on the readers face. Your thoughts are beautiful penned down in words. Keep writing.

Paridhi Arora
26-Jan-2024 06:41 AM

Comment Amazingly beautifully penned.

Ekta Arora
26-Jan-2024 05:11 AM

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