Kaise Tum Mujhe Mil Gaye- Toxicity at its maximum!

We began watching this serial with interest since last November (2023). B P Singh of CID fame is the producer. A lady called Srinita Bhaumick is the writer. It has to be seen to be believed - how the serial takes the viewers for granted. I am sure the writer has outsourced the writing because the plot has so many loose ends. Zee TV - are you not monitoring this? Mr B P Singh - how can you let this happen?

The writer's fee must be slashed for taking the viewers for a ride. 

The story is about a young woman Amruta who is a banker. Her father decides to marry a younger woman and Amrutha, her mother and her younger brother are left in the lurch. Amruta begins working and gets involved with the Ahujas who have shifted base from Delhi to Mumbai. Amruta's mother Bhavani Chitnis is a determined lady but often melodramatic. The family is supported by their neighbour Jahan Kaur, a Punjabi woman, whose husband and children supposedly live abroad.

The rest of the story is about the blow hot blow cold relationship between Amruta and Virat Ahuja, the young businessman. Virat is divorced and is now carrying the scars of a broken relationship.

Over the last few months, the serial has become so toxic that it appears to be injurious to watch it any more. You will lose your sanity - your blood pressure will increase. In these days of OTT, when content is king, how can Pawan Goenka allow such content on his channel?

Negativity after negativity...the plot seems to have meandered so much. Sriti Jha is becoming very repetitive and it is irritating that the supposedly strong woman cannot defend herself on most occasions. It is supposedly a family show. Yet, the actress who plays Amruta's stepmother (Deeksha Sonalkar) exposing her bosoms like in a C-grade horror movie is unacceptable. 

Key Questions:

1. Is it not an insult to all banking professionals that Virat Ahuja makes a woman do all household chores in the garb of appointing her as a banker?

2. Where is Rajeev? He has been missing in action. So, he swindled Rs 10 crores along with his girlfriend Tara. Tara is arrested. Did Virat get the money back?

3. Which sensible woman will put a signature on a property document without reading it? Jahan Kaur commits such a foolish act and we have 25 episodes revolving around this. This is not a soap. This is not even lather. This is balderdash. Garbage.

4. Virat's mami - Deepika. What role does she have to play? Why is she needed in the plot?

5. Virat's cousin Abhiraj does all the plotting from within the house and no one suspects anything. Ishika is almost about to be arrested by the police - but she has not reformed.

6. Babita Ahuja - cannot believe that Kishori Shahane has given such a listless performance. Even when the truth is exposed, she doesn't utter a word against Ishika - Why? Kishori - I am so sorry - your acting incompetence is getting exposed in episode after episode. Why don't you take a break for a few days? Talk to B P Singh! 

7. Usha Nadkarni - Oh..please...your first appearance in the show was like a breath of fresh air. Your second entry is painful. You called Virat so many names yet you did not feel like apologizing to him after realizing that your son is infidel..!

Srinita Bhowmick - please do not take up multiple writing opportunities. If you do that, this is what will result. 

There are too many women in the serial with little to do. 

Zee TV - Take some action, before the TRPs slip.





More By  :  Valliyoor Satya

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