School is Cool!

In school we go when we are three,
Don’t study and live carefree.

But when we grow on and on,
There are many pros and cons.

In math, grade 1, it’s 1-2-3,
In English we say, “That’s me!”

In math, grade 2, it’s 4-3-2,
In English we say, “Ma’am I like you!”

Coming to class 3, 4 and 5,
In the division train we drive.

Addition, subtraction and so much more!
Sometimes multiplication is such a bore.

But growing up, we realize it’s for good.
All the lessons, reading, and writing in notebooks!

But school’s not just studies and not only books,
It’s making friends, not judging by looks.

It’s learning to be kind, thoughtful and generous,
Brave, courageous, extroverted and adventurous.

There’s art, music, theatre and dance as well,
Not forgetting new languages in which we excel.

Things we learn and use in our daily lives,
Like how to greet someone when he arrives.

Math in buying things, English in speaking and writing,
To resolve conflicts by understanding, not fighting.

Knowledge, manners, etiquettes and values,
Seeing things from others’ point of view.

Everyday we learn something new,
And use it in our daily lives too!

Learning so many things, which are so cool,
Well, I really love going to school!










More By  :  Aanvi Bamba

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Comments on this Blog

Comment Wonderfully expressed Aana. Your poems are just a perfect blend of imagination, emotions and thoughts.

Ekta Arora
09-Jul-2024 04:17 AM

Comment Your thoughts and emotions are soo well knited together, Aana.
The rhyming that u put in all your poems makes the poem a delight for ears.

Paridhi Arora
09-Jul-2024 04:15 AM

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