Labour Party : All set to lose ?

In a democratic electoral setup, for the country concerned, the General Election is the grandest festival, where all - irrespective of cast/creed- get involved & participate enthusiastically to "vote in or vote out" the political parties in the fray. The same is going to take place a little later this week in Britain.

Elections are all about campaigning and campaigning is all about tossing, pitching, placing, kicking the boiling issues swirling in the mind of electorates in the rightful manner. A seasoned politician tries his/her best to manipulate the words in such an articulate manner that it not only impresses the voter but hits him/her hard in the guts and makes him/her stay loyal and attracts new ones to vote.

In the upcoming general elections of Britain, individuals representing their respective parties and eyeing for each other's jugular veins are: Gordon Brown (Labor Party), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) and David Cameron (Conservative).

Mr Gordon Brown of the ruling labour party, after snatching the Prime Ministerial powers from the accomplished charmer Tony Blair (architect of 13 long years of Labor Rule), is now leading the electoral campaign. Though it looks like he has been unsucessful so far. He never really has been the man of the masses. Knowing this, Blair had delayed the agreed power shift to him because deep within, being the seasoned politician that he is, he believed that Gordon may be an intellectual giant but he certainly is not PM material. Sadly enough, not many other party members bought Blair's argument and hence the planning, plotting, manouevres and pressure by Brown & Co led to the exit of the Darling of the masses - Tony Blair !

Now sans him, the party, which ruled the roost in UK politics for little more then a decade, is in the electoral battle again and battling it out amidst the growing displeasure of voters over the surging debt of billions of pounds and the ailing state of the economy. Count in a handicap Prime Minister who is considered disabled due to his inefficiencies in electoral management skills.

Politics may be about extremes but voting, in most cases, is not. Therefore, the loss of the Labor party could be the gain of the Liberals and Nick Cleggs must be all too happy about it because loyal voters of the left (leaning) rarely shift towards the right and closer to the philosophy of Labour is the emerging shadow of the Liberal Democrats, so if prevailing media reports are to be believed then the Liberal Democrats are all set to replace the Labors as a pottential alternative.

If Labor loses - of which the probability is all too high - then Gordon Brown will not only lose power by virtue of the outcome of results but he will also lose face among the party members as he has single handedly, in a matter of three years of leadership, led a resurgent party to a great debacle.

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Confused whom to choose ?

Here is the answer.

~ Always Aparna ~
06-May-2010 04:10 AM

Comment Nice said and done but Gordon Brown still has all the experiences behind him.

Mind you, the country is still in recession and the massive deficit still needs to be
corrected and fixed.

In the current situation, my gut feeling is for the Continuity. This would be good for
Britain, good for the World and good for all of us outside.

Finally, if I were to vote I would go for Gordon Brown - for reasons explained in above.

Faiz Al-Najdi
Saudi Arabia

Faiz Al-Najdi
03-May-2010 03:15 AM

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